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Sonny Kiss loses singles debut in Impact

Sonny Kiss made a splash debuting in Impact in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet at Bound For Glory. The next move for Kiss was a personal dream match against Trinity on Thursday night’s Impact Wrestling (Nov. 16, 2023).

The Knockouts Championship was not on the line. Kiss and Trinity clashed for the first time ever. The vibe was fun yet still competitive. After a stalemate, they busted out a booty dance.

Back to business. Trinity landed a flying crossbody. Kiss caught a cazadora to counter for a big swing into a facebuster.

Intensity picked up. Kiss snapped a suplex and followed for a standing moonsault. Kiss showed even more athleticism with a handspring back elbow and a handspring axe kick. Trinity didn’t wilt under pressure. She answered with a swinging bulldog through the ropes and a split-legged moonsault.

In the end, the champion rose to the occasion to close with a headscissors DDT, a buttbuster, and a transition roll-up to earn the win.

Kiss lost the singles debut in Impact, but there is no shame in defeat to the Knockouts champion. That just means Kiss will have to get back in line and work to the top for a crack at gold. Kiss’ charisma was on full display to have fans clamoring for more.

Do you think Sonny Kiss has the makings of a Knockouts champion?

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