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The Juice is loose in Juventud Guerrera’s return to Impact

Impact honored lucha libre with a special appearance from Juventud Guerrera airing on Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling (Nov. 16, 2023). The Juice was loose as Juvi rocked the ring.

“Let’s get juicy, baby!”

Juventud Guerrera teamed with Laredo Kid and Black Taurus against the Rascalz trio of Trey Miguel, Zachary Wentz, and Myron Reed. Konnan joined commentary to call the match.

Juvi ran wild with help from Taurus on a pop-up dropkick and a suplex.

Juvi also delivered a flying crossbody and a two-for-one DDT and flatliner combo.

Juventud’s participation wasn’t the only reason this match was noteworthy. Myron Reed was making his Impact debut. The three-time MLW world middleweight champion hit his signature high-flying cutter leaping over the ropes to execute the move off the apron down to the floor. Flame on!

Even though Juvi was the star attraction, the win came at the hands of Taurus. The bull speared Reed out of the air and finished with a devastating Destination Hell Hole piledriver.

We’ll see what the future holds for Juventud Guerrera returning to Impact down the line. For now, it was nice to see the lucha libre star strut his stuff once again. Juvi was certainly juicy.

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