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Tommy Dreamer stabbed in back by his friend

Tommy Dreamer was stabbed in the back once again. This time, he was literally stabbed in the back with a fork.

Impact Wrestling

The culprit was Crazzy Steve. Dreamer thought he could handle business on the up and up with his friend. Steve had different ideas.

For context, Impact has been developing Steve’s character. Steve had a sitdown interview with Tom Hannifan discussing his feelings of abandonment, being legally blind, childhood abuse from his alcoholic father, his mother committing suicide, and his journey through Impact. Steve is comfortable with violence and being the psychopath of the story.

Steve went on to win a Feast or Fired briefcase. His prize was a shot at the Impact Digital Media Championship, which is currently held by Dreamer.

Dreamer requested time during Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling to speak with Steve. Dreamer addressed their friendship over the years. The most touching tale was Steve lamenting that he’ll never be able to feel the experience of driving a car due to his blindness. Dreamer handed his keys over to Steve and taught him how to drive in an empty parking lot. That was the first time Steve ever felt normal.

Dreamer didn’t want to feud with Steve over the internet title. He will gladly accept any kind of match Steve wants. Steve reacted by hugging Dreamer.

During the embrace, Dreamer began slumping, and his face twisted with agony. Steve stabbed Dreamer in the back with a fork. Steve shouted that he is the Angel of Death coming to take Dreamer.

Damn, that was evil. And a fantastic piece of the story. Dreamer hit on the emotional drama to draw a connection, the facial reactions were excellent in selling pain, the camera angles worked the moment to catch shots of the fork sticking out of Dreamer’s back, and Steve shined as a deranged lunatic.

What is your reaction to the scene of Crazzy Steve stabbing Tommy Dreamer in the back?

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