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Details on Impact changing to TNA with new championships, fate of six-sided ring, and more

Impact dropped a bombshell announcement at Bound For Glory revealing that the company will go back to the TNA name in 2024. Head honcho Scott D’Amore chatted with Tom Hannifan to reveal more details about the switch.

Talk of the idea began formulating in early 2023. More people were brought into the circle of knowledge throughout the year, and D’Amore was pleasantly surprised that the news never leaked. The whole crew wanted to keep it under wraps to provide a genuine special surprise moment for viewers. The artistic video reveal was well-received in the locker room and by TNA fans.

D’Amore acknowledged the negative reputation TNA has in some people’s eyes, but he was adamant about not apologizing anymore for the mistakes of past regimes. D’Amore’s vision is about moving forward. When he was handed the Impact keys in 2018, the focus was to establish stability and consistency. D’Amore feels that they have achieved that.

D’Amore wants to embrace the spirit of TNA as the company that changed the industry with cruiserweights in the main event, a spotlight on tag team wrestling, and a platform for women to be respected as equals. The new era of TNA will strive to be a great force in the business, an agent of change, and put on kick-ass events.

The ears of CM Punk conspiracy theorists might perk up at the notion of an agent of change. Punk made that reference in a 2011 promo. Obviously, that means CM Punk is imminent to TNA. I’m joking. Punk was not mentioned in the interview, although, there are rumors that he visited the Oct. 22 TV taping in Chicago. In the words of Lloyd Christmas, “So, you’re telling me there’s a chance,” even if it is one in a million. YEAH!

D’Amore mentioned that there will be all new designs for the championships. TNA won’t be using belts of old. The current Impact champions will carry over into the new era of TNA to maintain the historical lineage.

D’Amore put the kibosh on using the six-sided ring. The athletes do not prefer the six-sided ring, since it is harder on the body with increased wear and tear. D’Amore is not willing to compromise the safety of the wrestlers just to bring back a memory from TNA.

As for other wacky ideas from TNA’s past, never say never. Impact has already used the occasional throwback for a Queen of the Mountain match, one-night TNA specials, and classic PPV names. D’Amore isn’t ruling anything out at this moment in time. He’s aiming to find the right blend to honor the past and move forward into the future. They are already working on a new stage set and feel for TNA.

The official brand change from Impact to TNA takes place January 13, 2024 at the Hard to Kill PPV in Las Vegas, NV.

Check out the full conversation between D’Amore and Hannifan. Other topics of conversation include negotiating with PCO as the first signing of the new TNA era, the UK tour this week (Oct. 26-29), and interest in signing Will Ospreay.

What would you like to see from the new era of TNA?

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