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Impact’s video announcing return to TNA branding is both artistic and cheesy

Bound For Glory was a thrilling PPV event with exciting matches up and down the card. The biggest news from the show was saved for last. Impact announced that the company is changing back to the TNA name in 2024.

Impact revealed the story in true Impact style, with an artistic video concept. It started slow building intrigue of its purpose as several Impact wrestlers entered a dark forest. The longer it went, the cheesier it got. Frankie Kazarian exited underwater from a lake carrying a treasure chest. Josh Alexander, Eddie Edwards, Alisha Edwards, Jordynne Grace, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, and Eric Young gathered for a meeting with Kaz.

The group took turns talking. The message was clear. Professional wrestling is bleeding, and there needs to be a change. To get there, they need to go back to where it all started and rewrite the pages with their own stories. Alexander opened the chest, and a flash of light burst into the sky revealing TNA.

This is something that you just have to watch to form an opinion.

I applaud the production and idea in general. It was a creative way to bring forth the change to TNA. I couldn’t help but laugh at the cheese of the treasure chest light source as they all looked up to the sky with a smile. The solemness was sappy. Honestly though, this is who Impact is. They embrace artistic risks with a wink to the audience in these types of cinematic experiences.

Knowing Impact, there might even be hidden hints as clues of what’s to come. I’m still trying to figure out the purpose of the horror movie flash cuts in the first minute. I would also like to know the backstory of how Kaz found the treasure chest in that lake.

What’s your take on the TNA cinematic video? Thumbs up or thumbs down.

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