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Will Ospreay’s return to Impact is Match of the Year contender

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Holy shit. Will Ospreay and “Speedball” Mike Bailey tore the house down in a Match of the Year contender at Bound For Glory (Oct. 21, 2023). This was Ospreay’s return to Impact, and it did not disappoint. In fact, Ospreay and Bailey exceeded high expectations.

Seriously, go watch that match.

The contest started fine and dandy with slick moves, for example Bailey dodging a baseball slide to counter for a springboard moonsault.

As the match progressed, Ospreay and Bailey cranked up the intensity for a runaway train of action. They exchanged loud strikes. Ospreay took a head kick then bounced back for a Hidden Blade as Bailey’s back was turned. Watch this clip with sound on.

Bailey blocked a springboard cutter with knees to the spine. Speedball followed for the Ultima Weapon shooting star double knee drop, but Ospreay kicked out of the finisher. Bailey stood across the ring sizing Ospreay up for a tornado kick. Boom! Ospreay met him in the middle for a surprise elbow smash. Bailey was flattened, however, he managed to regain his wits quickly enough to counter Ospreay’s Storm Breaker into a hurricanrana pin. Ospreay kicked out, so Bailey landed a backflip double knee drop. Listen to how hot the crowd is reacting.

Bailey dug into his bag of tricks for an amazing Spanish Fly fisherman buster. Ospreay kicked out again. Ospreay took Bailey’s best shots and came back with a trick of his own to catch Speedball with the Styles Clash.

Bailey kicked out, however, that was the beginning of the end. Ospreay poured on the pain with a double underhook Storm Diver ‘93. Bailey shockingly kicked out, so Ospreay put the nail in the coffin with the Hidden Blade and the Storm Breaker to finish the job. Ospreay was victorious.

This match didn’t have any type of storyline, and it didn’t need it. The action was two of the best wrestlers on the planet putting on a thrilling show. Ospreay and Bailey worked the crowd to a frenzy with amazing moves and dramatic near falls.

Where does Will Ospreay versus Mike Bailey rank on your list of Match of the Year contenders inside and outside of Impact?

The Impact Bound For Glory PPV replay is available for viewing through Fite TV.

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