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Bullet Club’s ABC win Impact tag titles, but Kenta not so lucky at Bound For Glory

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Bullet Club had the opportunity to bathe in Impact gold at Bound For Glory (Oct. 21, 2023). The crew was scheduled for two title matches. The ABC tag team of Ace Austin & Chris Bey challenged Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz, and Kenta competed against Chris Sabin in the X-Division. The results were split for the Bullet Club.

The X-Division Championship bout opened the show. This was a first-time singles matchup for Kenta and Sabin. Kenta tried to use whatever means necessary for the win. When Sabin lifted Kenta in the fireman’s carry position, the NJPW superstar grabbed the referee’s shirt to break free. Kenta also scored a roll-up with his feet on the ropes for leverage, but the ref caught him in the act. Kenta stormed ahead with momentum for a DDT and a flying double stomp. When he went for the GTS, Sabin elbowed his way out. Kenta unloaded vicious palm strikes to soften Sabin, but the Motor City Machine Gun had enough fight left to thrust a superkick.

Sabin rallied for a missile dropkick and a crushing lariat. The champion lifted Kenta for the Cradle Shock finisher to retain the title. Kenta struck out.

ABC had better luck in their match for the Impact World Tag Team Championship. The Rascalz isolated Ace early. He was able to create space with a dive to the outside to scurry for the hot tag. Bey ran wild on a 2-for-1 DDT and Flatliner combo to the Rascalz. Trey and Wentz regained control, but ABC refused to go down.

The finish was hectic starting with a high-flying sequence. Trey landed a Meteora to Ace, and Wentz followed for a swanton to cover. Bey leaped for a flying crossbody onto Trey crashing into the pile for the save. The Rascalz had enough and went to their old tricks trying to cheat with spray paint. This time, that tactic backfired when Wentz accidentally sprayed Trey in the face. ABC unleashed spinning head kicks all around. Trey was sent packing from the ring leaving Wentz to fend for himself. Bey sprang for the Art of Finesse cutter, and Ace followed with The Fold to win. New champions were crowned.

The Impact Bound For Glory PPV replay is available for viewing through Fite TV.

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