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Monster’s Ball hardcore match gets wild with tacks, cinder blocks, and barbed wire

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Monster’s Ball is one of Impact’s most wicked creations. They lock the fighters in separate rooms without food, water, or light for 24 hours to spark animal instincts for the hardcore fight. The latest edition of the Monster’s Ball went down at Bound For Glory (Oct. 21, 2023) with tacks, cinder blocks, and barbed wire.

The cadre of characters for the four-way Monster’s Ball was Steve Maclin, Moose, PCO, and Rhino. Impact posted ‘live’ updates throughout the day of the wrestlers in darkness. Maclin slept and exercised, Moose was antsy, PCO shouted everyone’s name the whole time, and Rhino was ornery. They were released from their prisons in the mood to inflict pain.

The action started immediately with Maclin jumping Rhino from behind on stage. The first big bump went to PCO when Moose hit a back body drop over the ropes onto a ladder.

The most violent moment came courtesy of Moose when he emptied a sack of tacks onto a bed of cinder blocks to powerbomb PCO.

Bully Ray felt the need to be a buttinski and enter the scene. He calmly rounded the ring then shoved Maclin off the turnbuckles onto a barbed wire table. Apparently, that was payback for Maclin calling him soft.

Maclin was effectively out of combat. PCO and Moose battled in the ring. Rhino picked his spot for a Gore. Moose took the impact, but he also blocked it with a chair as Rhino collided into the steel. Both men were down, and PCO launched for a flying senton cannonball onto the pile. PCO pinned Moose for victory.

Monster’s Ball delivered as advertised in terms of pain. Each man took their lumps. Overall, it was a clean version of hardcore extreme. I don’t think there was any blood at all. I’m not saying that’s good or bad. Just an observation. All in all though, the match was entertaining for its freak show value.

The Impact Bound For Glory PPV replay is available for viewing through Fite TV.

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