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Alex Shelley proves he’s not a transitional world champion at Bound for Glory

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Alex Shelley had a chip on his shoulder to prove he was not a transitional world champion. That topic of conversation related to Josh Alexander vacating the Impact World Championship due to injury. Many people viewed the belt as unofficially belonging to Alexander. The Motor City Machine Gun went to battle against the Walking Weapon to settle the debate at Bound For Glory (Oct. 21, 2023). In the end, Shelley won clean to prove without a doubt that he is the best wrestler in Impact right now.

The mood was aggressive. Despite being friends, the tension of this title match overflowed into a personal rivalry. Mat work led to furious fisticuffs. Shelley targeted Alexander’s surgically repaired left arm by ramming him into the ring post several times.

Alexander picked up steam, but Shelley outsmarted him to catch a crossbody outside and Shellshock him into the barricade. Shelley followed up with Sliced Bread on the floor. Shelley took flight for a frog splash. Alexander kicked out on the cover, so Shelley transitioned to the Border City Stretch submission. Alexander escaped and went to work on Shelley’s legs with an ankle lock and a grapevine kneebar. Shelley fired up with strikes in the submission to knock the headgear off Alexander’s dome.

The closing sequence was an intense counter dance between the C4 spike piledriver and the Shellshock. Shelley gained the upper hand to hit his finisher.

Shelley added a head kick and a second Shellshock to finally put Alexander down for the three-count. After the match, respect was earned. Alexander put over Shelley as the true world champ and strapped the title belt around his waist.

That was a mighty fine main event. Impact made their choice clear that Shelley is the man moving forward. He earned an emphatic victory. There were no excuses, no interference, no malarkey, no protecting Alexander. The result was very effective as a way for Alexander to pass the torch to Shelley.

Are you now a believer in the Alex Shelley era as Impact world champion?

The Impact Bound For Glory PPV replay is available for viewing through Fite TV.

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