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Trinity submits Mickie James to retain Impact Knockouts Championship at Bound For Glory

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Trinity remains atop the mountain of the Knockouts division after submitting Mickie James at Bound For Glory (Oct. 21, 2023).

Despite sharing time together in WWE, this was a first-time singles matchup. James sought to reclaim the gold she never lost. The five-time Knockouts champion vacated the title due to injury.

The vibe of the contest was friendly competition with an edge to be the best. After all, there can only be one Knockouts champion. For example, James offered a handshake after a stalemate. When Trinity shook hands, James used that moment to initiate a wristlock. Trinity used a body scissors to squeeze James’ tender ribs, which was the injury that forced Hardcore Country to miss time. Another instance saw Trinity shake her booty, and James replied by sticking her tongue out.

When it came down to it, this was a very good wrestling match. Trinity had the edge in athleticism, but James was just plain scrappy. There was a lot of familiarity with dueling moves, counters, and striking exchanges. They often went tit-for-tat on equal footing.

Both wrestlers hit their signature moves. Trinity executed the Rear View butt bump and a split-legged moonsault. James scored a flying seated senton and a tornado DDT.

In the end, friendship played a factor in determining the result. James hit a Heatseeker piledriver. Trinity appeared to be out cold. James was hesitant to continue as the referee checked on the champion. Hardcore Country showed reluctance to hit her finisher, but it’s what she had to do if she wanted to be champion. James set up the Mick DDT, however, Trinity came to life to escape and counter for a headscissors DDT. Trinity transitioned to the Starstruck submission. James rolled backward for a pinfall, so Trinity readjusted to crank with extra pressure. James tapped out in defeat.

Afterward, the two friends shared respect in the ring. James was shook that she failed to capture gold. Had she shown no mercy, we might have had a new Knockouts champion. Commentary wondered what this loss means for the future of the Mickster.

What’s your take on the Knockouts Championship bout? What would you like to see for the futures of Trinity and Mickie James in Impact?

The Impact Bound For Glory PPV replay is available for viewing through Fite TV.

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