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Impact’s Bound For Glory top 10 moments stacked with Sting, Hulk Hogan, Jeff Hardy

It’s Sting! And Hulk Hogan too, brother. Add in a touch of Jeff Hardy, and Impact has the makings of a Bound For Glory top 10 list.

In anticipation of another edition of Bound For Glory on Saturday night (Oct. 21, 2023), Impact released a countdown of the greatest moments from that PPV event.

10. An Extreme Reunion with Bully Ray, Tommy Dreamer, Rhino (Bound For Glory 2022)

9. Acey Romero Crashes and Burns (Bound For Glory 2019)

8. The IInspiration Debut to Win Knockouts Tag Team Championship (Bound For Glory 2021)

7. 10/10/10 Revealed with Jeff Hardy heel turn to join Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff (Bound For Glory 2010)

6. Sting Becomes World Champion (Bound For Glory 2006)

5. Rhino Wins 3 Matches in One Night to Become World Champion (Bound For Glory 2005)

4. Hulk Hogan Saves Sting from Immortal (Bound For Glory 2011)

3. Moose Calls His Shot (Bound For Glory 2021)

2. Jeff Hardy Swanton from the Top of the Impact Zone (Bound For Glory 2005)

1. Gail Kim Makes History (Bound For Glory 2007)

For my money, I’d give the top nod to Sting (moment #6) pounding his chest to no-sell a guitar shot from Jeff Jarrett. Stinger promptly forced Jarrett to tap out to the Scorpion Deathlock. Sting submitting Jarrett to win the world title is a cathartic visual. You don’t even have to know the storyline to know Jarrett deserved it.

It’s also interesting to see Hulk Hogan go full circle from coercing a Jeff Hardy heel turn (moment #7) with Immortal to saving Sting (moment #4) from his band of hooligans one year later. Leave it to two of wrestling’s best at producing a reaction from fans to milk the drama. When Immortal was beating down Sting, he called for help from Hogan. The Hulkster looked to the crowd for support, ripped off his shirt, then cleared the ring alongside Stinger.

The top 3 choices are up for debate.

Moose is a dastardly fellow. Josh Alexander defeated Christian Cage to bring the Impact World Championship back home to Impact from AEW. It also marked Alexander’s first world title reign. His moment of glory lasted less than three minutes. As Alexander was celebrating with his wife and son, Moose cashed in his title shot. Alexander choose to protect his family rather than go on the attack. The result was a spear from Moose to win the Impact strap. In terms of a moment, this is more of a story step adding fuel to the fire of Alexander’s desire for greatness than a standalone memory.

Jeff Hardy’s Swanton from the top of the Impact Zone set is impressive. Not only was the fall from high above, but he had to clear a good amount of distance to land on top of Abyss crashing through a table on the floor.

Gail Kim comes in at the top spot winning the inaugural Knockouts Championship. She was victorious in a gauntlet match to pin Roxxi Laveaux on an Air Raid Crash. This moment has value as a piece of history.

What’s your reaction to Impact’s top 10 moments from Bound For Glory?

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