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Dango chose Vladimir Kozlov as bodyguard, because he beat John Wick

Dango is smarter than he looks. He originally brought back Alpha (Jon E.) Bravo to watch his back. Bravo didn’t execute his work as efficient as he should have, so Dango went with a backup plan in the form of Vladimir Kozlov.

Kozlov made a surprise appearance last week under the alias Oleg Prudius to help Dango get one step closer to a world title shot. This week, Dango explained why he made the call to the Russian assassin. It’s quite simple and a bit genius.

Dango chose Prudius, because he beat John Wick in a fight. Can’t argue with that logic.

Watch Dango address the situation.

One tiny issue. Someone should tell Dango to check out the full scene of Prudius fighting John Wick. I have a feeling that Dango only saw a few seconds, and that was enough to convince him.

Here’s the movie scene in question from John Wick 2.

The Russian Assassin started strong by tossing Wick to the ground, then Wick pulled out a pistol and shot him in both knees. The official decision is a TKO by medical stoppage. At least Prudius didn’t die on screen, so that pretty much counts as a win. Plus, professional wrestling doesn’t allow firearms in sanctioned matches, so this job with Dango should be a breeze for Prudius.

What’s your take on Dango’s reason for choosing Oleg Prudius?

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