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Pit Fight challenge issued in Impact

A special challenge has been issued in Impact, and it is a doozy. “Speedball” Mike Bailey wants Kenny King in a Pit Fight. Yes!

The events unfolded during Impact Wrestling when King traveled to Montreal, Quebec in an effort to expose Bailey on his home turf. King senses that Bailey is hiding who he really is, so he went to great lengths to poke the bear. King arrived at Bailey’s dojo and beat up his students, like a proper bully.

That was classic 80’s style intimidation from King with his wrestling beatdown. I especially enjoyed the big man catching the lady safely, then King kicking out his legs to accidentally slam her on the mat.

Bailey was not pleased one bit. When pressed for comment, the normally calm and composed Bailey exploded with anger. Or as angry as he’s going to get given his style of polite enunciation. Bailey challenged King to a Pit Fight. Ropes down, tape up, knockout or submission, and see who walks out.

Both scenes were cheesy fun and have me curious for the Pit Fight. Bailey has a legitimate martial arts background in taekwondo.

It was unclear when this Pit Fight could take place. Impact has the Hard to Kill PPV coming on January 13, however, a Pit Fight would also be effective to air on television as a cinematic scene.

Are you excited for the Pit Fight between “Speedball” Mike Bailey and Kenny King?

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