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Rich Swann wins Golden Six Shooter to be #1 contender for Impact world title

Josh Alexander is scheduled to defend the Impact World Championship at No Surrender on February 24, but he was in need of an opponent. Santino Marella used his noggin and his powers as Director of Authority to create the Golden Six Shooter challenge. Six former world champions duked it out to determine the #1 contender.

Participants for the Golden Six Shooter included Chris Sabin, Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann, Rhino, Moose, and Callihan. The format was elimination style via pinfall, submission, and disqualification. No count-outs. Ring the bell!

The early action was a rotating door of one-on-one exchanges inside the ring. When one wrestler was sent to the outside, another wrestler hopped in. Rhino was the first elimination on a spear from Moose. Callihan kicked Moose to steal the pin.

The match progressed for a good chunk of time in a free-for-all. Edwards had momentum. He planted Sabin on the mat with a tilt-a-whirl slam, then he powerbombed Swann on top of Sabin. Eddie couldn’t keep Sabin down for the pin, so he added a tiger driver. Sabin kicked out again. As Eddie sized up for a Boston Knee Party, PCO emerged on stage. Security tried to keep the peace. Sabin capitalized on the distraction for a tornado DDT motion into a cradle to pin Edwards for elimination.

Sabin was the next competitor eliminated. Moose shed off a tornado DDT to counter with a spear.

Swann connected on a cutter to Callihan, but Callihan rolled out of the ring to safety to prevent a pinfall. Moose went to work with a vicious attack targeting Swann’s knee. Swann was in serious pain, and Moose got cocky. Swann made him pay with a sneaky roll-up for elimination.

The final two came down to Swann and Callihan. Deaner and the Design ventured ringside with orders for Callihan to finish the job on Swann. Callihan made use of Moose’s handiwork to continue attacking Swann’s knee. Swann rallied with clubbing haymakers to knock Callihan silly like a dope on the ropes. Callihan kicked the knee to regain control. Powerbomb by Callihan. Kick-out by Swann on the cover. Leg submission by Callihan. Rope-break by Swann.

Callihan aimed to finish with the cactus piledriver. He played to the crowd for the thumbs up, thumbs down routine. That took too long, and Swann escaped with kicks. Callihan was down, so Swann went high-risk to land a 450 splash for victory.

Rich Swan is the #1 contender for the Impact World Championship.

The current card for No Surrender so far includes:

  • Impact World Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Rich Swann
  • Knockouts Championship: Mickie James (c) vs. Masha Slamovich

Does Rich Swann chasing golden glory have your attention for No Surrender?

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