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Santino Marella picks Knockouts legend as surprise partner for tag title bout

Santino Marella has an eye for talent. The Director of Authority for Impact was tasked with finding a partner for Gisele Shaw to challenge the Death Dollz for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship. Santino selected a Knockouts legend as the surprise partner during Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

Santino met with Shaw and Jai Vidal to introduce the mystery woman. Vidal was ecstatic as a fan, while Shaw was less pleased. The person’s identity was still hidden from camera.

The moment came for the big reveal of Tara!

Tara is a five-time Knockouts champion and former Knockouts tag titleholder. Only Gail Kim (seven) and Angelina Love (six) have held the Knockouts Championship more times. Tara is also a two-time WWE women’s champion under the name Victoria.

Taya Valkyrie and Jessicka represented the Death Dollz as champions with Rosemary on the outside. Taya was awestruck and a little verklempt with her hand on her chest at the appearance of Tara.

Tara was going to start the bout to a raucous reaction from the fans, but Shaw played party pooper to tag herself in before the action started. Shaw’s ego was insulted as the Quintessential Diva of Impact. She ignored Tara on the apron and refused to tag her partner despite being pummeled 2-on-1 on occasion. Shaw upped the insult factor by shaking her ass in Tara’s direction then executing one of Tara’s signature maneuvers, the Spider’s Web fireman’s carry swinging sidewalk slam. Taya kicked out on the cover.

Shaw worked the crowd into a frenzy by teasing the tag to Tara. When Shaw got close to the corner, she gave Tara the ‘talk to the hand’ gesture. Tara had enough. The legend entered the ring to argue with her partner. Taya and Jessicka snacked on popcorn in the corner to watch the drama. Shaw ordered Tara to get her retired ass out of the ring. Tara’s response was a boot to the gut and a Widow’s Peak neckbreaker.

The Death Dollz cleaned up with a teamwork piledriver to retain the Knockouts tag titles.

How excited were you to see Tara one more time in the Impact Zone?

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