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Tommy Dreamer declares war on Bully Ray

Tommy Dreamer has declared war on Bully Ray.

The friendship between Dreamer and Bully was recently disintegrated when Bully admitted to using Dreamer as a pawn to weasel back into Impact.

Despite the hard feelings, both still had to work together hosting the Busted Open podcast. Their professionalism was not strong enough to prevent arguments with Bully walking off.

Bully poured gasoline on the fire the following week with a violent attack sending Dreamer to the hospital.

Dreamer returned at Hard to Kill for a double swerve. He pretended to side with Bully then hit him on the head with a trashcan instead.

During Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling, Dreamer sat down for an interview with Busted Open cohort Dave LaGreca. Dreamer was firm in his belief that his relationship with Bully can not be repaired. Dreamer made it clear that there will be war with Bully.

Tommy Dreamer: Bully knows more than anybody that I will lose matches, but I will never lose the war. And trust me when I tell you, Bully and I are going to war.

How would you like to see the war settled between Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray?

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