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Bully Ray is not done with Impact and has revenge on his mind

Impact has done a great job of making use of the free agent landscape the past few years with a revolving door of fresh faces. Generally, Impact is able to bring wrestlers in and maximize their talent for story purposes. This is usually done on a limited budget compared to WWE and AEW, thus resulting in short-term runs for their free agent acquisitions.

When Bully Ray appeared as a surprise at Bound for Glory in October. He went straight into the main event picture to challenge Josh Alexander for the Impact World Championship. The story began by Bully winning the Call Your Shot Gauntlet, pretending to be a changed man, then turning full scumbag heel as a con job to the entire company.

The pay-off was Bully’s title shot in Full Metal Mayhem at Hard to Kill on Friday night (Jan. 13). It was a slobberknocking sports entertainment spectacle with Alexander submitting Bully via ankle lock.

That moment was the satisfying conclusion of a three-month story. Given the rotating door of free agent appearances and the fact that Bully is no spring chicken, question arose if that was the end of Bully’s time in the Impact Zone.

The man himself answered that question on the Busted Open podcast the day after falling short in his goal to win the Impact world title.

Bully Ray: I’m going to be sticking around for a while, and revenge is definitely on my mind. Whether that’s with Josh Alexander, whether that’s with his wife, whether that’s with Tommy Dreamer. So, we’ll see what’s going to happen. I’m going to stick around.

A rematch with Alexander shouldn’t be too difficult to attain. Bully was so demented in his mind games that Alexander would probably relish another crack at inflicting pain on Bully. But, Alexander should have new challengers in front of him, so Bully will have to wait his turn.

In the meantime, we could be in store for an ECW throwback of violence between Bully and Dreamer. Bully flagrantly used his friendship with Dreamer to weasel his way into Impact, then he put Dreamer in the hospital with a heinous attack. Dreamer had a modicum of payback in the Full Metal Mayhem bout by executing a double swerve on Bully. Dreamer ran out to dispatch Bully’s goons, then he tricked Bully into thinking he would side with his former friend. Dreamer suckered Bully to smash a trashcan on his head. Bully responded by spearing Dreamer through a table.

There is definitely room for a legends match between Bully and Dreamer to settle the score.

As for Alexander’s feelings after Full Metal Mayhem, The Walking Weapon showed why he is the standard in Impact as world champion. None of Bully’s shady shortcuts will ever trump Alexander’s heart and passion.

Are you happy to see more Bully Ray in Impact? Who would you like to see Bully feud with in the next few months?

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