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Impact title stolen from Brian Myers again, and he’s forced into danger to get it back

It has been a rough few weeks for Brian Myers holding the Impact Digital Media Championship. The title belt has been pilfered from his possession again for the second time, and now he will be forced into a dangerous situation to retrieve his goods.

The culprit of the crime both times was Bhupinder Gujjar. On Thursday night’s edition of Impact Wrestling, Gujjar had the opportunity to win Impact’s internet title fair and square from Myers.

Gujjar took the action to Myers to overwhelm the champion. Myers rolled outside for a breather. Gujjar leaned through the ropes to grab Myers’ hair. Myers responded by smashing Gujjar into the ring post. Myers suckered Gujjar into that trap.

Gujjar rallied for a slingblade, spinning kick to the midsection, pump kick to the side of the head, ripcord jumping knee strike, and Samoan drop. Myers kicked out.

Myers took control with offense of his own and an implant DDT. Gujjar kicked out on that cover. Myers had enough of this challenge. He grabbed his championship from the timekeeper table with the intention of walking out. One minor problem though. Myers got too close to the ring, and Gujjar grabbed the belt. After a quick tug of war, the title was in Gujjar’s hands. He ducked a clothesline and clobbered Myers with the foreign object out of instinct. The referee called for the disqualification to award Myers the victory.

Gujjar was initially disappointed at the result, then he shrugged his shoulders and walked out still holding the Impact Digital Media Championship. Thief!

Backstage, Myers demanded Gujjar return the title. Scott D’Amore stepped in with a solution. He was tired of Myers’ antics, so he booked him into a dangerous situation. Myers versus Gujjar for the Impact Digital Media Championship in a ladder match will take place in two weeks (Sept. 22) on Impact Wrestling.

Myers is a shifty fellow, but I’m not sure he deserves the hazardous environment of a ladder match. He may never be the same again!

Are you on board with Scott D’Amore’s brand of justice?

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