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NJPW wrestlers go 2-0 in Impact debuts

The Forbidden Door is open for business. Impact welcomed Aussie Open and Yuya Uemura from NJPW, and they are off to a hot start in successful debut matches.

NJPW Strong tag team champions Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis opened the Impact broadcast against Chris Bey & Ace Austin. United Empire and Bullet Club are familiar foes, so the animosity was evident from the opening bell.

Aussie Open had their hands full in this contest. Down the stretch, the Bullet Club ran wild and a frog splash from Bey almost earned victory. Davis was able to make the save on the cover. Aussie Open turned up the heat to rally for a teamwork pendulum crucifix slam to Bey. They finished with the Corealis double pumphandle elevated slam to win.

The other arrival from NJPW was Yuya Uemura. His appearance was not related to the Aussie Open story, but he did find himself in the middle of a different story.

Kenny King was intent on rectifying a screwjob finish, in his eyes, robbing him from winning the X-Division Championship from “Speedball” Mike Bailey last week. King rudely interrupted a conversation between head honcho Scott D’Amore and HBIC Mia Yim. Insults were exchanged invoking images of Keith Lee not being fit for Chippendales. D’Amore wasn’t having King’s impatience, so he booked King in a match against Uemura.

Match time! Uemura entered the Impact Zone ready for action. He graduated from young lion dojo status and was on excursion picking up experience.

King controlled the flow early. Uemura fired up for an offensive flurry with a back elbow, running forearm, running elbow drop, and jumping elbow drop. King had a trick up his sleeve to negate the surge in momentum. King used the referee as a shield to block Uemura from flying off the turnbuckles, then he pulled Uemura down hitting his head on the fall.

The match progressed in a competitive nature. King was close to victory on a full nelson suplex and tiger driver, but Uemura kicked out. King was frustrated at his inability to keep Uemura down for the count, so he smashed Uemura’s face into the ring steps.

That’s where the Yim encounter came into play. Yim ran out protesting the unsportsmanlike conduct of King. That distraction allowed recovery time for Uemura. The NJPW wrestler charged forward, but King scored a takedown and put his feet on the ropes for a pin. Yim knocked King’s feet free to prevent the cheating tactic.

As King argued with Yim and grabbed her hair, she kicked him in the head. That led to Uemura winning via flying crossbody.

Aussie Open and Uemura made strong impressions for their in-ring Impact debuts. Aussie Open had the chance to show personality. In AEW, they were relegated to backup goons for Will Ospreay. In Impact, they were allowed to shine and show why they are NJPW Strong tag champions. Uemura showed classic fighting spirit as a fresh babyface. A few more matches like that and the crowd will be on his side.

What would you like to see from Aussie Open and Yuya Uemura during their time in Impact?

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