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Impact beats GCW in Knockouts Monster’s Ball hardcore match

Masha Slamovich earned a date with Jordynne Grace for the Knockouts Championship at Bound For Glory on October 7. But first, Slamovich had some hardcore business to attend to. Grace conquered Slamovich’s handpicked opponent in Max The Impaler for the Pick Your Poison challenge at Victory Road. Now, Slamovich had to face Grace’s personal selection on the Thursday night episode of Impact Wrestling. Grace chose GCW wrestler Allie Katch in a Monster’s Ball match.

Monster’s Ball is a signature match for Abyss. The concept is to lock the competitors into a room without light, food, or water for 24 hours. When released, all hell will break loose.

Weapons were scattered around the ring. Slamovich and Katch threw blows upon the sound of the opening bell. Stalemate clotheslines led to a double clothesline double knockdown. Garbage time! Both fighters grabbed trashcan lids to battle. Katch gained the upper hand for repeated shots to the head.

Street signs, chains, and cow bells were objects used for terror. The first sign of blood came when Katch sliced Slamovich on the forehead with a jagged soda can. Slamovich dished out payback to make Katch bleed as well. Slamovich went on the attack for a suplex onto a chair and a Samoan drop onto an open chair. Ouch. That one had to hurt.

Katch rallied for a superplex and Death Valley Driver through a wooden door. 1, 2, Slamovich kicked out.

Slamovich regained momentum on the apron by biting Katch’s hand to free her for a Russian leg sweep crashing through a table.

Uh, oh. Slamovich grabbed a black sack. You know what’s next. Thumbtacks! Slamovich emptied the tacks onto the mat and picked up Katch for a Snow Plow finisher. Katch escaped to set up a piledriver onto the tacks. 1, 2, Slamovich kicked out.

In the end, Slamovich dug deep to fire up and kick ass. Katch dumped soda cans onto the mat then whacked Slamovich in the head with a trashcan. That was the spark to ignite Slamovich’s fury. The Russian unloaded a flurry of heavy strikes and closed with the Snow Plow onto the tacks and cans. Slamovich was victorious.

Did that Monster’s Ball bout satiate your thirst for violence?

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