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Impact Victory Road recap & reactions: Barbed Wire Massacre was mayhem for all

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Impact hit the airwaves with their Victory Road special on Friday, September 23. The Barbed Wire Massacre main event was mayhem for all, Raven earned entry into the Hall of Fame, and Bobby Fish dropped by for a surprise appearance.

Let’s run through the results from top to bottom.

Barbed Wire Massacre: Steve Maclin defeated Sami Callihan and Moose. The ring ropes were wrapped in barbed wire, and various objects of violence were scattered around the ring area. Violent highlights include Callihan with a DVD to Moose through a barbed wire table.

Moose used a barbed wire rolling pin to flatten Maclin’s face.

Callihan pulled out a barbed wire video game controller to play a game of pain on Maclin.

The first near fall came when Moose powerbombed Maclin into the barbed wire ropes then chokeslammed Callihan onto a bale of barbed wire. Callihan kicked out on the cover.

Maclin landed a flying elbow drop using a barbed wire chair on Moose upon a barbed wire table. Maclin defended himself with a barbed wire trashcan lid as a shield against Callihan’s barbed wire baseball bat. Callihan won that exchange, then he powerbombed Maclin onto a barbed wire door. Piledriver by Callihan, kick out by Maclin. Callihan went for a second piledriver, but Maclin struck with a low blow and a DDT onto a barbed wire door for victory.

Raven in Impact Hall of Fame. Raven is the newest member of the club. His induction ceremony will take place at Bound For Glory on October 7. (Full details here.)

Jordynne Grace defeated Max The Impaler. Max was the Pick Your Poison handpicked opponent by Masha Slamovich. Father James Mitchell was ringside. Max pounded Grace from pillar to post. Grace turned the tide for an Alabama slam on the ramp. Max regained control inside the ring for a spear. In the corner, Grace countered for a sunset flip powerbomb. Grace pounced to win on a Grace Driver.

Afterward, Grace revealed that her Pick Your Poison choice for Slamovich will be Allie Katch in a Monster’s Ball match next week on Impact Wrestling.

Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven, & Mike Bennett defeated Josh Alexander, Rich Swann, & Heath. The larger picture was a world title preview for when Alexander defends the Impact World Championship against Edwards at Bound For Glory. Down the stretch, Swann was in a conflicted position. He had to choose between helping Heath getting beat up by OGK on the outside and waiting for a possible hot tag from a weakened Alexander. Swann decided to launch for an aerial attack onto OGK. Alexander reached the corner with nobody home. He dug deep to continue the fight alone. Alexander caught a kick from Taven for an ankle lock, then Edwards blasted the champ with a Boston Knee Party. A Die Hard Driver put Alexander down for the three-count. Edwards was the first to pin Alexander in over one year. Momentum is on his side heading into Bound For Glory.

Bobby Fish in the Impact Zone. Fish has kept his eye on the Impact locker room, and they are legit wrestlers. Even though Fish isn’t signed to Impact, he arrived looking for a fight. Raj Singh and Shera stepped up and were handed a plate of knuckle sandwiches. (Full details here.)

Knockouts tag title match booked. Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie approached Gail Kim to request a title bout at Bound For Glory against Deonna Purrazzo and Chelsea Green, except Taya asked if Jessicka could be in the bout. Rosemary okayed it. The champs interrupted to talk shit, so Jessicka thrashed them. Rosemary was pleased.

Triple Threat Revolver won by Frankie Kazarian. Competitors hailed from Impact, AAA, NJPW, and AEW. Traditional gauntlet rules were in effect. Three participants at all times. A new wrestler enters upon elimination via pinfall or submission. The match continues until the final three, then the next pinfall of submission determines the winner. The prize was an X-Division Championship shot at Bound For Glory.

Mia Yim, Laredo Kid, and Trey Miguel started the contest. Laredo was eliminated via Eat Defeat pinfall from Yim. Alex Zayne entered. Zayne was eliminated via crucifix bomb pinfall from Yim. Kenny King entered. Yim was eliminated via sneaky roll-up pinfall from King with a handful of tights. Yuya Uemura entered. Uemura was eliminated via Lightning Spiral slam pinfall from Trey. Frankie Kazarian entered. Trey was eliminated via rear naked choke submission from Kaz. Black Taurus entered as the final participant. Kazarian was victorious via slingshot cutter pinfall on King.

Mickie James defeated Gisele Shaw. This was part of Mickie’s last rodeo with the unofficial stipulation of retirement on her next loss. Shaw took James to her limit. A backbreaker, kiss, flatliner flow couldn’t keep James down. James ducked a spinning kick to rally for a flying Thesz press. Shaw shed off a jumping DDT to land the spinning kick. Shaw lowered her knee pad to do serious damage. James dodged the knee strike. Shaw kept going forward into the ropes for a springboard comeback. James fired a superkick hitting the mark mid-air. A jumping DDT sealed the deal for James to win and live to fight another day.

Later backstage, James challenged Mia Yim for a match at Bound For Glory. James wants to test herself.

Motor City Machine Guns defeated Vincent & PCO. Vincent promised Eddie Edwards that they would take care of MCMG. The Honor No More team had communication issues when Vincent collided into PCO. MCMG took control, but Vincent countered the Skull and Bones finisher for the hot tag to PCO. The monster mashed Chris Sabin with a DDT, flying leg drop, and reverse DDT. Vincent added a swanton. MCMG stayed alive to fire up in the end. Tag team offense was slick and quick to finish Vincent with a double-team electric chair cradle slam.

X-Division Championship: “Speedball” Mike Bailey retained against Delirious. The masked man was a veteran from ROH. Delirious stepped his game up with an answer for all of Bailey’s signature moves. Speedball shifted gears to use the Flamingo Driver for victory.

The free pre-show featured two bouts.

Tasha Steelz defeated Killer Kelly. Kelly blocked a stunner to apply the cobra clutch. Steelz raked the eyes to escape. Kelly blindly backed into the ropes. Savannah Evans choked Kelly with a chain. Kelly dropped down to bounce Evans off the ropes. Kelly immediately used the chain to choke Steelz. The referee called for a disqualification, so Kelly choked him with the chain. Lance Storm, Tommy Dreamer, and other officials ran in to assist the ref. Steelz was declared winner via DQ.

Backstage, Gail Kim fined Kelly as punishment. Kelly replied that she likes punishment.

Juice Robinson, Chris Bey, & Ace Austin defeated Jason Hotch, Shogun, & Jack Price. Juice joined Bullet Club in NJPW since last time he was in the Impact Zone. Showcase win for the Bullet Club via teamwork Rock Slide fireman’s carry facebuster from Juice. Ace picked up the pin.

Grade: B+

Victory Road was an enjoyable show throughout. The ring action delivered with a variety of styles. Ultra violence isn’t really my flavor, however, the Barbed Wire Massacre match did a good job with creative objects and exchanges to put over the level of danger for this situation. The surprises of Bobby Fish and Raven in the Impact Hall of Fame were nice touches to keep the show feeling fresh.

“Speedball” Mike Bailey versus Delirious is my pick for match of the night. It was a very entertaining duel with a constant pace of action. I was so impressed by Delirious’ performance that I would have cheered had he dethroned Bailey. Speedball’s winning streak continues and so does his streak of banger matches.

On a parting note, Impact is auctioning special memorabilia on eBay to support Joe Doering in his battle with brain cancer.

Share your take on Victory Road. What were your favorite moments?

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