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Joe Hendry’s second Impact vignette is must-see again

Impact announced the signing of Joe Hendry last week with an unusual vignette. It was in the ‘so bad, it’s good’ territory to provide a genuine surprise once his name was revealed. Impact served much of the same again this week.

Check out Hendry’s second intro vignette. Whether you think it is good or bad, it is definitely worth a peak.

The scene is set with a couple arguing with tense emotion. The lady dropped a bomb that her partner is not the father of their son. The shocked man demanded that she say the true father’s name. In bursts a smiling Joe Hendry breaking into song. The couple is completely confused at Hendry’s appearance, however, they can’t help but to clap and dance to the beat of Hendry’s music. Hendry busts out a double bicep flex, and the jilted man jams on air guitar with tears streaming down his face. Hendry hams it up with a smile to close.

I was on the fence about Hendry’s first intro vignette. This second one had me laughing hard at Hendry’s ridiculous intrusion into such a emotionally traumatic moment. The facial expressions from all three were cheesy goodness. These vignettes are doing a good job of setting up the crowd to react favorably to his theme song once he arrives in the Impact Zone. It might have fallen flat on a cold return. Instead, I can envision the fans waving their hands side to side while they believe in Joe Hendry.

What’s your take on Joe Hendry’s second Impact vignette?

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