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Brian Myers wins Impact ladder match with a genius strategy to retain title

Brian Myers did it again. Just when you think Myers is trapped, he pulls out a slick trick to prevent defeat. This latest instance was successfully retaining the Impact Digital Media Championship against Bhupinder Gujjar in a ladder match. Myers used a genius strategy to ensure victory.

After Gujjar stole the title belt from Myers not once but twice, Scott D’Amore decided that this feud had to be settled in a ladder match. The action did not disappoint. Gujjar had early control and aimed to finish quick with a gargoyle spear, however, Myers met him mid-air with a jumping knee strike to the face. Gujjar was bleeding from the nose after that.

As Myers climbed, Gujjar served bad medicine by pulling him down into a cutter. Gujjar then connected on the gargoyle spear smashing Myers into the ladder.

Gujjar’s bad luck returned when an Irish whip forced him to collide into the steel with the ladder falling down on top of him for a double whammy of pain.

The competitors set up two ladders side by side to climb for glory. Myers was able to stop Gujjar’s momentum by executing a back suplex for a long fall down to the mat.

With the action spilling to the outside, Myers powerbombed Gujjar onto a leaning ladder.

Myers tried to seize the moment to climb to victory, but Gujjar pulled him down. The challenger exploded with offense to knock Myers out of the ring. The path seemed clear for a new champion. Not so fast, my friend.

Myers returned to the ring in the nick of time to land a low blow on the unsuspecting Gujjar. Myers brought a roll of tape with him into the ring to wrap around Gujjar’s leg. Gujjar was taped to the ladder and couldn’t break free. He was stuck in place as Myers reached the top to retrieve the Impact Digital Media Championship.

That finish was a stroke of genius from Myers to close out a good match. Myers showed his more serious side in this affair taking hard bumps and dishing out pain as well. He also helped a hot prospect in the process. Gujjar’s profile was raised in this feud despite defeat.

Are you impressed by Brian Myers’ ability to create sneaky ways to win?

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