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Impact recap: Deonna Purrazzo & Masha Slamovich put on a show in #1 contender main event

The Knockouts were in the spotlight for Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling. The main event pit Deonna Purrazzo against Masha Slamovich in a #1 contender bout for Jordynne Grace and the Knockouts Championship at Bound For Glory on October 7. Slamovich plowed through competition riding a 14-match win streak, however, Purrazzo is the Virtuosa of strategy for checkmates in the wrestling ring. The big fight feel was in the air, and the match did not disappoint. Purrazzo and Slamovich brought the ruckus.

Purrazzo had Chelsea Green by her side for support. Match time! Purrazzo wasn’t threatened by the Russian powerhouse. Lockup, stalemate, release. A second lockup produced the same result. Purrazo shoved Slamovich in defiance, so Slamovich grabbed Purrazzo’s hair to back into the corner. After exchanging chops, Purrazzo scored a headscisssor takedown. Slamovich responded by grabbing Purrazzo’s hair for multiple snapmare takedowns. Slamovich went for the Snow Plow finisher quick, but Purrazzo escaped and regrouped on the outside.

Slamovich gave chase and played into Purrazzo’s plan. Green interfered to grab Slamovich’s foot. That allowed Purrazzo to deliver a high knee lift to Slamovich in the ropes. Purrazzo was in control for a suplex on the floor and a standing moonsault.

Slamovich rallied to smash Purrazzo in the corner with knees and kicks. Purrazzo retaliated throwing blows, but Slamovich headbutt her hard. Snow Plow? Nope, not yet. Purrazzo sandbagged to block and countered for a side Russian leg sweep into an armbar. What a transition! Slamovich was in deep trouble as Purrazzo cranked. Purrazzo was able to reach the ropes despite Green doing her best to pull the ropes away.

On the break, Slamovich choked Purrazzo in the ropes. Big boot from Slamovich, then she collided into the ring post when Purrazzo evaded contact. Purrazzo went on the prowl for three consecutive German suplexes. Purrazzo tried to finish with the Gotch piledriver. Slamovich blocked to counter for a violent running Air Raid Crash into the bottom turnbuckle. Ouch. That impact had to hurt. Purrazzo kicked out on the cover.

Slamovich maintained momentum with an eye for the Snow Plow. Green hopped onto the apron as a distraction. Purrazzo took advantage to pounce for the Gotch piledriver. 1, 2, kick out by Slamovich.

Slamovich was in the zone. She cracked her neck with a smile to fire up. Ass kicking time was here. Purrazzo ducked a spinning backfist to work for an armbar, but she couldn’t take Slamovich down to the mat. After a back and forth counter dance, Slamovich connected on the spinning backfist. She booted Green down to the floor. Slamovich cleared the way for the Snow Plow on Purrazzo for victory.

Masha Slamovich has won 15 matches in a row, and now she is the #1 contender. Jordynne Grace walked into the ring for a showdown. Grace brought her own death warrant for Slamovich. The show closed with both competitors face to face peacocking with no fear.

That was a satisfying main event. It played into the hype of dominant powerhouse versus strategical genius. The contest maintained the aura of unpredictability throughout. I could never tell who was going to win. Impact has built up the aura of Slamovich perfectly. This win solidifies her streak as the real deal. The showdown with Grace was electric. That is going to be a heck of a hoss fight at Bound For Glory.

In other action from Impact Wrestling:

  • Impact World Tag Team Championship: OGK defeated Good Brothers. Matt Taven and Mike Bennett are the new champions. The match broke down into chaos. Doc Gallows ran into the ring steps when Bennett moved. Bennett shoved Karl Anderson off the top turnbuckle. OGK finished with the teamwork Proton Pack maneuver for victory. (Full details here.)
  • Killer Kelly likes watching people, especially Tasha Steelz. She is starting to find out what makes Steelz tick. Kelly also likes to be watched as she watches Steelz. Time to play. This is a creepy voyeur stalker vibe for Kelly.
  • Honor No More celebrated OGK’s tag title win. They are reaping the benefits of choosing Honor No More. Eddie Edwards was still acting suspect toward PCO. Vincent decided to watch over the French-Canadian Frankenstein. Kenny King geared up to bring more gold to Honor No More by winning the X-Division Championship.
  • X-Division Championship: “Speedball” Mike Bailey retained against Kenny King. Shenanigans! After a ref bump, King received help from Maria Kanellis for leverage on a roll-up to win. The backup referee made the count, but the original referee saw the cheating. The match was restarted, and Bailey won on a roll-up counter to keep the title. (Full details here.)
  • Brian Myers demanded Scott D’Amore to retrieve his Impact Digital Media Championship from Bhupinder Gujjar. D’Amore used sarcastic reverse psychology about Myers handling the situation himself as the Most Professional Wrestler. Myers agreed, then Gujjar blindsided him with a punch to the face. Myers fell to the ground, and Gujjar gave back the title belt.
  • Jessicka, Taya Valkyrie, and Rosemary celebrated Jessicka’s win with mimosas. Jessicka felt she was ready for Decay to get back the tag titles. Rosemary wasn’t so sure that Jessicka wouldn’t cause another distraction ringside. Taya had the idea for Jessicka to accompany her next week in her match against Chelsea Green as a test. Rosemary was on board. Mimosa time! Rosemary drank her beverage like a cat.
  • Aussie Open are in Impact to win the tag titles. Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis have won championships across the world and currently hold the NJPW Strong belts. World domination starts next week against Bullet Club’s Chris Bey and Ace Austin. In that same segment, Moose and Steve Maclin could be heard arguing down the hallway. Maclin explained that they either get on the same page to destroy Sami Callihan or they can fight each other.
  • Violent By Design are at a crossroads. It is time to do things differently. Joe Doering has to walk his own path (for brain cancer treatment). Eric Young will go on his own path as well. Whether Deaner follows Young is up to him.
  • Mickie James announcement. James is not retiring. She needs to find out if she can still compete with the best. James will give it one last rodeo in a quest to win the Knockouts Championship, but there is a catch. James will work her way from the bottom up. If she loses once, then that is the end. (Full details here.)
  • Eddie Edwards approached Josh Alexander to further discuss their conversation from last week. Alexander isn’t turning on Impact. He owes them everything in his career. Edwards respects loyalty but not when Impact isn’t loyal back. That just makes Alexander a chump. Edwards pointed to Impact knowing Heath would attack without a care for Alexander’s reply in the promo exchange. Boom! Heath ran in to hit Edwards. In the next scene, D’Amore booked Heath versus Edwards for next week. Heath apologized to Alexander for the intrusions, but Alexander sassed him.
  • X-Division #1 contender: Mascara Dorada defeated Alex Zayne. Masacara Dorada was Gran Metalik in WWE. The luchador surprised Zayne with a counter DDT and a spinning Dorada Driver for victory.
  • Jordynne Grace is rooting for Mickie James to reach the top. The Knockouts champ will be waiting.
  • NJPW’s Yuya Uemura will debut in Impact next week.

In terms of big moments, that has to be in the running for Impact episode of the year. New tag champs, interesting screwiness in the X-Division title match, and a gangbusters Knockouts bout to determine a #1 contender. Add in the drama of the Mickie James announcement. The arrivals of Aussie Open, Yuya Uemura, Alex Zayne, and Mascara Dorada produce a feeling of freshness.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show?

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