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Mickie James to continue wrestling in Impact, but there is a catch

Mickie James returned to the Impact Zone on Thursday night for an announcement regarding her future. Signs pointed toward retirement, but that wasn’t the case. James announced she’s saddling up for one last rodeo to chase the Knockouts Championship, however, there is a catch.

James took center stage for her announcement. November will be 24 years since first stepping into a wrestling ring with a prayer and a dream. Over half her life has been living, breathing, bleeding, and crying for this business that she loves so much.

The last few years were a whirlwind journey. When she was released from WWE to feel like being thrown out with garbage, negative criticism flooded her mind. It was the fans that brought her back to be empowered for the greatest run of her career returning to Impact. James won the Knockouts Championship for the fourth time and was in a PPV main event for a Texas Deathmatch.

Then, James lost the title to Tasha Steelz. Protege and friend Chelsea Green betrayed her and beat her twice in the ring. That sent James back to negative thoughts that she couldn’t hang anymore with the new crop of talent.

James went home to do some soul searching. What more does she need to prove? James only wanted to make the business a better place for women, where they could be seen as equals.

James never wanted to hang on too long to be a shell of her former self. She doesn’t know if she can compete with the best anymore, but she has to find out. James will not be retiring. She is going to test herself in a quest to be the best. James isn’t asking for a title shot. She wants to earn it the same way she earned everything in life, with dirt in her eyes and grit in her teeth.

James issued an open challenge to anyone and everyone in the Knockouts division. She will build her way back to the top. James is coming for the Knockouts Championship.

Even though James is not retiring at this time, there is a catch. If she loses on this journey, then that’s it. This is James’ last rodeo. She’ll either end as champion or go home for good. James can’t promise it will be a long ride, but she can promise it will be a hell of a ride. Hardcore country!

That was a very good promo from James. She touched on real life emotion that could be felt through the screen, and she touched on storyline emotion to rally the fans for one final ride. The threat of retirement makes every one of her future matches must-see television.

Will you be watching Mickie James’ last rodeo?

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