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Mickie James 2-0 in last rodeo, next opponent a step up in difficulty

Mickie James is embarking on her last rodeo, which is essentially a ‘win or go-home’ tour. She has an eye on testing herself to become a five-time Knockouts champion in Impact. James is starting from the bottom to work her way up. One loss along the way, and she will retire. So far, so good for the Mickster. However, James will be taking a step up in competition for her next bout.

Last week, James defeated Raychell Rose to start her journey. This week on Impact Wrestling, James battled Hyan.

James entered the ring in good spirits. Lockup to start, roll-up from Hyan. James kicked out at 2. Hyan taunted James that her career could end in the snap of the fingers. James went on the attack. She telegraphed a back body drop, so Hyan countered with a kick. Hyan slammed James to the mat and landed a standing leg drop. James kicked out on the cover. No more smiles. James took the competition serious now.

James turned the tide with a flapjack slam. That led to a flying Thesz press and a jumping DDT for victory. James lives to fight another day.

After the match, Gisele Shaw arrived on the scene. The Quintessential Diva mocked James wrestling against low level talent as a way to prolong the inevitable failure toward retirement. Shaw suggested a match against James at Victory Road on September 23 if James really wants to know if she can still hang in the Knockouts division. James stepped up to accept and sealed it with a kiss as a bit of mind games.

I would rate James as the favorite in this matchup, but Shaw is no slouch. One mistake is all it could take for Shaw to snatch victory. The last rodeo drama will intensify at Victory Road.

What odds do you give Gisele Shaw of sending Mickie James into retirement at Victory Road?

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