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Impact’s intro vignette for ex-ROH wrestler is so bad that it is must-see

Whoa. Impact likes to take risks with creative artistry in vignettes, such as Killer Kelly enjoying the smell of dirty motels. Some hit and some miss. This latest attempt is so bad that it is must-see to introduce a former ROH wrestler. It is so bad that it straddles the line of ‘so bad that it is good’ territory. I wouldn’t go that far, but you can judge for yourself.

Here is the vignette to announce that Joe Hendry is coming to Impact.

The scene starts in a hospital room with an elderly gentleman in a coma. References to thrown chairs and bite marks are probable mockery of the alleged AEW locker room fight involving CM Punk, Kenny Omega, and the Young Bucks. The man’s family is in tears. All of a sudden, Joe Hendry busts in singing his theme song. Joy is brought all around with cheerful clapping as the bedridden patient’s heart monitor flatlines. Despite that, everyone is happy to see Hendry. The closing tagline states, “Joe Hendry will motivate Impact Wrestling.”

AXS TV plays some low-budget commercials during Impact Wrestling, so the start of this vignette had me second-guessing if this was the actual show or a cheesy pharmaceutical advertisement. It all became clear once Hendry broke into song. I can see the positive argument for fans popping for Hendry, since I was genuinely surprised by his arrival on screen. I’m curious how this hits for viewers who are not familiar with Hendry.

Impact revealed that Hendry is officially signed to the promotion.

Hendry had a previous stint in Impact in 2018. He gained mid-card momentum in his time with ROH before the COVID pandemic. Being from the UK, Hendry missed all of the empty-arena era due to travel restrictions. He kept his fans pleased with singing videos on YouTube. Now, Hendry has a chance to get in the groove again with Impact.

What’s your reaction to Joe Hendry’s vignette for Impact? What’s the worst wrestling vignette you’ve ever seen?

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