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Impact recap: Josh Alexander chooses between Impact and Honor No More

The main event for Bound For Glory on October 7 is Josh Alexander defending the Impact World Championship against Eddie Edwards. They have been cordial adversaries up to this point, because Edwards is interested in recruiting Alexander into Honor No More. In the closing segment of the latest Impact Wrestling, Edwards demanded an answer. Needless to say, chaos erupted.

Honor No More had a lot of business throughout the show. It started with a backstage promo about the tide turning for the group. Matt Taven & Mike Bennett are Impact tag champions. Kenny King was screwed out of the X-Division Championship, but he was confident that he’ll make that right. Eddie Edwards was booked in the main event against Heath. That was a chance for him to eliminate that pesky rebel. It was also an opportunity to show Josh Alexander that their side is the right side in this war.

King sassed Mia Yim and Scott D’Amore when requesting another shot at the X-Division title, so D’Amore booked him into an impromptu match against the debuting Yuya Uemura from NJPW. Uemura was victorious after Yim stuck her nose in King’s business. (Full details here.)

Meanwhile in the dark recesses of the Impact Zone, Vincent administered electroshock brainwashing on PCO for him to blindly follow Honor No More. No dissent, no doubt.

Time for the main event of the program. Heath took Edwards to the limit in a lengthy bout. Heath went for the Wake Up Call finisher, but Edwards grabbed the ropes to block. Edwards charged for a Boston Knee Party, however, Heath ducked and pounced for a Wake Up Call. Victory was three seconds away. We’ll never know if Heath would have pulled off the upset, because Bennett ran in to interfere. Heath hit the intruder with a Wake Up Call. As the referee was instructing Bennett to leave the ring, Edwards struck with a low blow. Boston Knee Party sealed the deal to defeat Heath.

Afterward, Edwards called out Alexander for his answer. Edwards gave a speech about Impact management being evil and fan adulation being empty. Alexander snapped up his headgear and was steadfast with Impact. They don’t have to wait for Bound For Glory to fight. A melee broke out with Alexander, Edwards, Bennett, King, Heath, Taven, and Rich Swann in the mix. Honor No More had the numbers advantage, so they stood tall in the end. Edwards executed a double underhook powerbomb and Boston Knee Party to Alexander.

In other action from Impact Wrestling:

  • Aussie Open defeated Bullet Club. Bullet Club had momentum until Aussie Open crushed them in the end. Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis were victorious over Chris Bey & Ace Austin via Corealis double pumphandle elevated slam on Bey. (Full details here.)
  • The Good Brothers are man enough to admit that they lost the Impact tag titles to OGK. What’s next? Well, now they can become 9-time champs. The Motor City Machine Guns entered the scene requesting a bout with Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows. Those two teams have never wrestled each other in standard tag team action. Anderson got chills of box office shine, so the Good Brothers agreed for next week.
  • Mickie James defeated Raychell Rose. This was James’ first bout in her last rodeo. If James loses before earning a title shot, she will retire. James started rough then rallied for a DDT victory. (Full details here.)
  • Gia Miller continued to pester Steve Maclin with stupid questions about an alliance with Moose. Maclin clarified that it would be foolish to go into Barbed Wire Massacre without a strategy. Maclin has no deal with Moose, but he’s giving him something to think about. Impact booked Maclin & Moose in tag team action against Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus next week. Later in a promo, Sami Callihan believes he is the puppet master of professional wrestling. The Death Machine convinced himself that he is the one pulling the strings in this feud. By the time Victory Road rolls around, he’ll have Maclin and Moose at each other’s throat. I’m not sure if that’s smart to reveal the master plan to the world before it is executed.
  • Support Joe Doering in his battle with brain cancer. All proceeds from his new shirt go directly to Doering.
  • Cinematic scene with Deaner visiting Eric Young on the Violent By Design compound. When Deaner said he wanted to continue following Young into the world of violence, a group of new recruits surrounded them with violence on the mind. This is an interesting clip worth viewing.
  • Chelsea Green defeated Taya Valkyrie. Deonna Purrazzo, Rosemary, and Jessicka were ringside. Rosemary wanted to make sure Jessicka wouldn’t be a distraction costing Taya the match. When Purrazzo physically interfered, Rosemary rushed over for a blindside clothesline. As the referee was distracted with that action, Taya scored a roll-up. The referee missed the count. When Jessicka hopped on the apron to argue with the ref, Green shoved Taya colliding into Jessicka. Green won with the Unprettier. Rosemary was not pleased.
  • Jordynne Grace handed a death warrant to Masha Slamovich to show she’s not falling for intimidation tactics. When Grace entered her locker room, it was decorated with death warrants and a message written on the wall, “Masha’s gonna kill you.” Later, it was announced that Grace will compete at Victory Road in a Pick Your Poison challenge. Slamovich gets to choose Grace’s opponent.
  • Impact Digital Media Championship: Brian Myers retained against Bhupinder Gujjar via disqualification. Myers had enough and tried to bail with the championship in hand. Gujjar grabbed the belt, ducked a clothesline, and bashed Myers with the title belt. Upon realization of defeat, Gujjar shrugged and stole the championship again. Backstage, Scott D’Amore stepped in to book a ladder match in two weeks. (Full details here.)
  • Gail Kim had a message for Tasha Steelz. Killer Kelly will wrestle Alicia Edwards next week, and Kelly requested that Steelz be on commentary. Kelly likes when people watch her.

That was a solid episode with exception for the main event angle. Everything else was interesting in building pieces for future matches and stories. Aussie Open and Yuya Uemura put on impressive performances in their debuts. The Myers versus Gujjar feud is peaking nicely for a ladder match blow-off. Mickie James started up her last rodeo. The cinematic scenes with Eric Young, Deaner, Vincent, and PCO were a cool touch of artistry.

The main event story is were the show falls apart for me. The match itself had good action, but I don’t like Edwards scraping by to cheat for the win. With that finish versus Heath, the PPV main event loses luster in my eyes. This is the #1 contender for the PPV main event. Edwards should be built up stronger to make me believe he has a chance to dethrone Alexander on his own. Adding in the threat of Honor No More as a unit should make fans seriously worried that Alexander could lose. Instead, it feels like they are a bunch of bumblers with a numbers advantage.

The mission of Honor No More is also getting stale. Don’t get me wrong. The wrestlers are still entertaining in the ring. It’s the idea that they are in a war with a company that pays them. What exactly are they hoping to accomplish? Honor No More has been in Impact so long without a clear goal. They just spout vagueries with no substance. That makes it hard to get emotional invested in their story.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What were your favorite matches and moments?

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