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Impact X-Division Championship bout ends in shenanigans, former WWE luchador is #1 contender

The X-Division had a topsy-turvy night on Impact Wrestling. “Speedball” Mike Bailey defended the X-Division Championship against Kenny King in a shenanigan-filled finish, and Mascara Dorada (former WWE luchador Gran Metalik) earned #1 contender status.

Honor No More aimed to win another championship after Matt Taven and Mike Bennett won the Impact tag titles earlier in the evening. Maria Kanellis was ringside to lend a helping hand for King, and her presence paid off, sort of.

The shenanigans began when King took a kick in the corner. The referee decided to check on King’s health status. In doing so, the referee inadvertently blocked Bailey’s path on a tornado kick. Bailey was disciplined enough to stop short, however, King was not. King tried to take advantage for a cheap shot spinning heel kick, but he accidentally walloped the referee instead of Bailey. Ref down!

King understood the situation and went for a blatant low blow on the champ. King made the pin, but the referee was still out. King added more offense until a backup referee arrived. 1, 2, Bailey kicked out.

As King argued with the backup ref, he turned around into a superkick from Bailey. King kept his wits to catch a springboard leap and counter for a roll-up. King reached out to lock hands with Maria on the outside for leverage preventing a kick-out. 1, 2, 3? The backup referee awarded King the X-Division title.

Hold up, the match didn’t end there. While Honor No More rushed in to celebrate with King, the original referee spied the cheating victory. He chatted with the backup referee, and the decision was overturned. Restart the match! And Honor No More was banned from ringside.

King was confident he could secure success once more, so he sent Honor No More to the back. Bailey decided to bring the fight to King for a moonsault to the outside. Inside the ring Bailey landed the tornado kick. On the Ultima Weapon, King blocked by kicking Bailey in the chops. King went for his Royal Flush finisher, however, Bailey countered for a hurricanrana pin to win. And still X-Division champion, “Speedball” Mike Bailey.

Later in the broadcast, Alex Zayne competed against Mascara Dorada for X-Division #1 contender status. Mascara Dorada wrestled as Gran Metalik in WWE. Mascara Dorada was making his Impact debut for this bout.

Mascara Dorada executed a few rope-walking high-flying highlights in the match.

Zayne had momentum toward the finish only to see Mascara Dorada pull out a win. The luchador surprised Zayne with a counter DDT then finished with the spinning Dorada Driver for victory.

Mascara Dorada will have his X-Division title shot at a later date.

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