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Doc Gallows chokeslammed PCO through the ring in Impact

Hoss fight! Doc Gallows and PCO went to war in a street fight for the main event of Impact Wrestling.

This bout served as a teaser for the 5 vs. 5 battle between Bullet Club and Honor No More at Emergence on Friday, August 12. Both men decided to roll solo to take care of business. PCO was in the doghouse, as far as leader Eddie Edwards was concerned. Edwards demanded that PCO prove his worth by taking out Gallows. On the flip side, Gallows was a big boy and didn’t need Bullet Club backup.

Ring that bell. The hosses sized each other up. Eye poke from Gallows to start the mayhem. Gallows trucked PCO out of the ring and slammed him on the ramp. PCO shoved Gallows into the ring post then added a suplex on the ramp.

PCO set up some chairs on the floor, but Gallows booted him off the apron crashing onto his own creation. Back in the ring, both hosses clobbered each other with chairs. PCO set up some chairs again, and again it backfired. Gallows lifted PC off the turnbuckles to slam on top of the steel. Try not to wince in pain watching this spot.

Gallows continued his assault on the floor by throwing a chair at PCO’s head. Gallows set up a table, but PCO goozled to chokeslam him through the wood.

PCO began cutting off the ring apron to expose the wooden ring boards. That allowed Gallows time to recover. The Big LG grabbed a chain to punch PCO. Gallows executed the Gas Mask chokebomb onto the exposed wood. 1, 2, PCO kicked out.

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for. PCO regained control and climbed the turnbuckles. Gallows goozled the French-Canadian Frankenstein to chokeslam him through the ring. In the words of Tom Hannifan, “Oh my god! Holy hell!”

Gallows demanded a ten-count from the referee. At 9, PCO stuck his hand up to show life. PCO crawled out of the hole to power up with punches and an inverted DDT onto the wood.

PCO pulled out a bag of thumbtacks to pour into his glove. The intent was weight for a loaded punch. PCO leaped off the turnbuckles for a flying fist of doom. The impact caused Gallows to role into the hole. PCO stood on top of Gallows’ crumpled body for the pin to win.

What a fight! Gallows and PCO are going to feel that physicality in the morning. This bout was more on the bowling shoe ugly side, and I mean that as a compliment. The chokeslam through the ring was cheesy fun that feels right in the Impact Zone.

Which spot during the hoss fight between Doc Gallows and PCO made you react the most?