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Brian Myers fights a bull to retain Impact Digital Media Championship

Brian Myers is a crafty fellow. He didn’t become the king of the internet holding the Impact Digital Media Championship without using his noggin. Myers proved his brilliance once again on the Thursday edition of Impact Wrestling.

Lately, Myers has been dodging rising prospect Bhupinder Gujjar as a challenger and inadvertently talked himself into a fight with a bull, more specifically the heavyweight luchador Black Taurus. Myers was forced to defend the Impact Digital Media Championship against Taurus.

Myers was overpowered early by the running of the bull. Taurus unloaded shoulder tackles and a dropkick to send Myers out of the ring. The challenger followed for a flying plancha.

Myers gained control with the savvy move of shoving Taurus into the ring post. Taurus rallied in the ring with a low dropkick, 619, and flying missile dropkick.

Myers increased his urgency in the bull fight for an implant DDT. Taurus kicked out on the cover.

Myers sized up his target for the Roster Cut lariat to finish, but Taurus was waiting to pounce for a spear. Myers managed to kick out and continue the fight. As Taurus lifted the champion for a Power Bull finisher, Myers poked the beast in the eyes to set up a roll-up. Myers showed why he is a champion by grabbing the ropes as leverage to secure the pinfall and retain his title.

Myers thought he was slick by cheating to win, and, well, he was right. Unfortunately for Myers, he lost focus on his surroundings while rubbing in the win. Gujjar came out on stage to toss Myers back into the ring. Taurus and Crazzy Steve took some shots on Myers, so Gujjar could launch for a gargoyle spear.

It seems inevitable that Myers will eventually have to defend the Impact Digital Media Championship against Gujjar. The question becomes what tricks will Myers have up his sleeve to make sure it is not a fair fight for Gujjar.

Who are you favoring if Myers competes against Gujjar with the internet title on the line?