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Havok’s repackaged Impact in-ring debut was sick

Ever since Havok debuted in Impact in 2014, she has been a goth monster from the Undead Realm finding pleasure in destruction. Record scratch. Time for a change in persona. Havok recently underwent a character transition to become the cheerful Jessicka, spelled with a ‘ck’ because she’s sick (positive slang meaning).

The journey began when Havok was plowed by Masha Slamovich in hoss action. Havok’s confidence was crushed. After disappearing in the Undead Realm, Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie finally located Havok. She wasn’t the same war machine though. Havok walked into the light and was now the mimosa sipping, party loving Jessicka. Rosemary is intent on turning Jessicka back into Havok, but it hasn’t worked just yet.

Jessicka made her in-ring debut for Impact on Thursday night. She was accompanied by Rosemary. The Decay goth tune played then transitioned into high-energy punk when Jessicka stepped on stage. Rosemary was confused and mortified as Jessicka picked her up for a huge hug.

Jessicka shed her Battle Coat to shake the ropes ready for action against Alisha Edwards, who also has a pleasant disposition. Edwards cheered on Jessicka’s enthusiasm. Jessicka and Edwards circled each other having fun clapping to hype the crowd. Rosemary tried to channel Jessicka into battle mode with a secret weapon. Face paint! Jessicka applied black stripes under her eyes.

Despite the change in attitude, Jessicka still possessed her hoss strength. Edwards had no shot at victory. Her chops bounced off Jessicka to no effect. Jessicka found her groove for peppering punches, boogie woogie knees, the bionic elbow, and a body slam. Jessicka flattened Edwards on a running crossbody and let out a rebel yell. Chants of, “Sick,” began from the crowd.

Edwards leaped for a flying crossbody. Jessicka caught her opponent and finished with a sitdown tombstone piledriver. Jessicka hugged Rosemary in celebration.

That was a lot of fun breathing new life into the Havok character. Jessicka has potential to rise the ranks as a fan favorite. And surely this could lead to Rosemary seeing the light, right? Havok and Rosemary have been around Impact for so long that they’ve done it all. There’s nothing new for them to achieve. An energetic repackaging is an intriguing direction.

Are you on board with Jessicka as the new version of Havok?

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