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Sabin, Shelley, & Kushida’s first trios match delivers cool highlights

Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, and Kushida have intermingled as tag team partners, but they never competed as a trio before. The forces of the Motor City Machine Guns and the Time Splitters merged together to become Time Machine. The trio debut of Time Machine featured plenty of cool teamwork highlights in Impact.

The target of Time Machine’s ire was the Violent By Design crew of Eric Young, Joe Doering, and Deaner. Time Machine entered geared up for action. As far as I can tell, there wasn’t much difference there with the Motor City Machine Guns theme and the Time Machine name on the screen.

When it came time for wrestling, Time Machine worked as a well-oiled unit of teamwork precision, such as this sequence of a Sabin superkick, Shelley and Kushida sliding under the ropes to pull Young’s legs into the ring post, then holding Young in place for a Sabin shotgun dropkick.

Time Machine also took to the air after dumping all of VBD from the ring. Shelley and Kushida struck with sliding dropkicks, then they held the ropes open for a suicide dive from Sabin. Shelley and Kushida pounced for flying knees off the apron to close the sequence.

Shelley and Sabin had each other’s back confusing Deaner with waistlocks to set up a cutter from Sabin.

VBD weren’t just punching bags. They scored their fair share of offense. VBD came close to winning with a trios attack of their own. Doering powerslammed Sabin, followed by a flying headbutt from Deaner, followed by a flying elbow drop from Young. Sabin kicked out on the cover.

Teamwork is about making sacrifices. In the end, Time Machine came together as one for victory. Deaner had Sabin in his sights, so Kushida ran in to protect Sabin and take the blow himself. That sparked the victorious comeback. Time Machine took care of powerhouse Doering with a step-up enziguri, Tanaka punch, double dropkicks to the knees, and a bridging chinlock leaving Doering defenseless for a double dropkick to the face.

Time Machine finished by adding pizzazz to Sabin’s Cradle Shock. Before the fireman’s carry lift, Shelley connected on a superkick. Before the motion of impact, Kushida hit a Pele kick. Sabin executed the Cradle Shock maneuver on Deaner to win.

Impressive debut for Time Machine as a trio. Time for a world tour to AAA, AEW, CMLL, NJPW, ROH, and whoever else has official trios championships.

Were you impressed by the teamwork of Time Machine in their debut?

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