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Impact is bringing back Barbed Wire Massacre

If there is one person on the current Impact roster that you associate with barbed wire, who would it be? If you guessed Sami Callihan, ring that bell.

Impact is bringing back Barbed Wire Massacre and Callihan is one of the participants.

The events on Impact Wrestling started with Callihan instigating a fight with both Moose and Steve Maclin. The action spilled outside, and the bad guys wrapped Callihan in barbed wire to dish out a whooping. The clip begins with Raj Singh and Shera, but that is only a transition to the fisticuffs. Feel free to ignore Singh and Shera. Everyone else in the Impact Zone does.

Later in the broadcast, Callihan stumbled on stage down to commentary still wearing the barbed wire. Callihan requested the return of Barbed Wire Massacre against Moose and Maclin. Barbed wire won’t keep the Death Machine down. Barbed wire is a normal Friday party for Callihan. Since they all like to party, Callihan invited Moose and Maclin to dance in a Barbed Wire Massacre match.

Impact made the barbed wire bout official as a triple threat for Victory Road on September 23.

If you are wondering how this is fair to Callihan, well, he asked for it. Also, Moose and Maclin have too much ego not to argue over who gets to pin Callihan. They will no doubt start fighting each other at some point in the match.

The concept of Barbed Wire Massacre involves barbed wire replacing the ring ropes or wrapped around the ropes and includes several barbed wire weapons available for maximum violence. This will be the fifth edition in Impact history. Sabu defeated Abyss in 2005, Abyss defeated Judas Mesias in 2008, Homicide, Santana, & Ortiz defeated Callihan, Dave Crist, & Jake Crist in 2018, and Eddie Edwards defeated Callihan in 2021.

Are you excited for the return of Barbed Wire Massacre?

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