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Impact title stolen from Brian Myers

The world of the internet can be a cruel place. For example, take a look at what happened to Brian Myers. He is the current Impact internet champion, officially called the Impact Digital Media Championship. Myers had the title stolen from him during the latest episode of Impact Wrestling. How rude!

Myers was kind enough to grace commentary with his presence to call a match of potential challengers. Bhupinder Gujjar defeated Gut Check winner Jason Hotch via gargoyle spear.

Myers recently retained against Gujjar through questionable cheating methods. Gujjar wanted another shot, so Myers addressed him in the ring. Myers is a busy man and didn’t have time to squeeze Gujjar into his schedule. The champ had a sudden change of heart. How about a match right now? Pop!

Myers punched Gujjar with the microphone. After an Impaler DDT, Myers demanded that referee Scott Armstrong make the count. When Armstrong declined, Myers protested. That allowed Gujjar time to recover to hit the gargoyle spear. Gujjar pinned Myers, and Armstrong happily made the fast count. That was all fun and games, since it wasn’t an official contest. Gujjar snatched the Impact Digital Media Championship anyway and exited holding the belt.

Backstage, Armstrong admitted pleasure in seeing jerky Myers get stuffed, but he clarified that the win was not legitimate. Armstrong tired to rectify the theft, however, Gujjar wasn’t budging. Gujjar decided to use the title as leverage to get an official rematch. If Myers wants the championship, then he has to come get it.

Smart play by Gujjar. It looks like he’s learned a thing or two from Myers during this feud.

Will you lose any sleep over the mistreatment of Brian Myers? Do you think Bhupinder Gujjar is ready to carry the Impact Digital Media Championship?

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