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Six-man elimination match crowns #1 contender for Impact World Championship

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Bound For Glory takes place on October 7, and Impact needed a #1 contender to wrestle Josh Alexander for the Impact World Championship. The match-making crew decided that a six-man elimination match was just the ticket.

Eddie Edwards, Sami Callihan, Bandido, Steve Maclin, Rich Swann, and Moose were granted the opportunity to earn a shot at Impact’s top prize. The format was two legal man with tags to get in. Eliminations were by pinfall, submission, disqualification, and count-out.

Callihan was the first to be eliminated. After Callihan tagged himself in to run wild clearing the corners, he went for a piledriver on Maclin. Mr. Mayhem escaped and tagged in Moose. The alliance that isn’t an alliance double-teamed Callihan, but the Death Machine swung haymakers right back. Maclin gouged Callihan’s eyes then shoved him into a spear from Moose for the pin.

As Moose’s focus was on the exiting Callihan, Maclin took advantage to roll up and eliminate Moose.

Callihan didn’t leave quietly. He attacked Maclin and brawled with Moose on the outside. Bandido pounced for a flying attack to Maclin. Inside the ring, Edwards connected on an enziguri from the apron to Maclin. Bandido set his sights for the 21-plex to pin Maclin for the third elimination.

Bandido and Swan dueled in an athletic battle. Swann gained momentum to land a Phoenix splash. During lift-off, Edwards slyly tagged himself in. He picked up Swann off the pin cover and rammed him into the ring post. Edwards turned around to flatten Bandido with a Boston Knee Party for the fourth elimination.

Edwards and Swann were the final two competitors. Swann was damaged goods from his shoulder colliding into the ring post, but his fighting spirit would not relent. Edwards tenderized Swann with chops and clotheslines. Swann rallied for a super hurricanrana. Swann continued with kicks, a neckbreaker, and a step-up backward kick to the face. Edwards was able to kick out on the cover and rolled out of the ring for a breather, or so it seemed.

Edwards retrieved a kendo stick from under the ring. As the referee held Swann back, Edwards swung with full force on Swann’s head. That no-good rotten scoundrel. Edwards’ victory seemed sealed. 1, 2, kick out by Swann!

Edwards followed for a Boston Knee Party, but Swann ducked. After exchanging strikes, Swann countered a tiger driver into a hurricanrana pin. Edwards kicked out to continue the contest. Edwards ran into a high kick. Swann aimed to finish with a handspring cutter, but Edwards caught him for a Blue Thunder Bomb. Edwards connected on a Boston Knee Party flush. 1, 2, Swann kicked out! Edwards didn’t waste any time and ended the match with a Die Hard Driver. That maneuver finally ended Swann’s evening in defeat. Edwards advances to face Alexander for the Impact world title at Bound for Glory.

From a story perspective, Eddie Edwards is the biggest challenger Josh Alexander could face at the PPV. The details date back to Edwards throwing shade at Impact and Alexander during his first promo after joining Honor No More. It was only a matter of time for this showdown to take place, and Bound For Glory will be the host.

Does Josh Alexander versus Eddie Edwards for the Impact World Championship move the needle of your interest in Bound For Glory?

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