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Bullet Club member is latest to fall in Mike Bailey’s X-Division Championship streak

“Speedball” Mike Bailey embodies the idea of a fighting champion. He has defended the X-Division Championship in Impact three times over the past week. Rocky Romero and Jack Evans came up short in singles challenges. Next on the list for Bailey was a Bullet Club member during Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

“The Ultimate Finesser” Chris Bey was primed to compete against Bailey for X-Division gold. The action kicked off with fast-paced acrobatics.

The match progressed with some pretty cool highlights. Bey executed a slingshot one-armed DDT.

Bailey unleashed his rapid-fire flurry of kicks.

Bey set up Bailey lying on the top rope for a flying double stomp.

Down the stretch, Bailey went for his signature cyclone kick, but Bey caught his leg to counter for a marching powerbomb in the center of the ring. Bailey kicked out on the cover. Bey went for the Art of Finesse handspring cutter, however, Bailey anticipated and used a 619 kick to knock Bey off balance. Bailey exploded for more kicks then climbed the corner. Bey sprang up to charge forth. Bailey stunned Bey with a quick double kick then launched for the Ultima Weapon shooting star double knee drop for the win.

That victory marks Bailey’s sixth successful title defense.

What was your favorite maneuver from the match? Who do you think will dethrone Bailey as X-Division champion?

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