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Jordynne Grace defeats Mia Yim to retain Knockouts Championship, hoss challenger calls next

Jordynne Grace had a tough challenge from Mia Yim to retain the Knockouts Championship at Impact’s Emergence special event. Afterward, an even tougher challenge called next.

Grace and Yim stood across the ring with a big fight feel before the opening bell. This match was a true pick’em in talent, star power, and story.

Yim was a step quicker for early control in the competitive bout. Grace relied on her power to even the playing field. Yim had Grace trapped in a guillotine choke, but the champ rose up for a suplex to escape.

Later, Grace countered corner action for a running powerbomb.

Near falls came from a tornado DDT by Yim, a musclebuster by Grace, and a sunset flip powerbomb by Yim.

For the climax, a series of roll-ups were exchanged. Yim popped up for two head kicks. She went to finish with a package piledriver, but Grace countered for the Grace Driver to retain the gold.

After Grace’s win, her next challenger came calling. Enter Masha Slamovich. The Russian hoss powerhouse has been on a wrecking streak destroying all competition. She handed an envelope to Grace containing her death notice. Slamovich exited with confidence and without any fisticuffs.

Are you happy that Jordynne Grace retained the Knockouts Championship? How pumped are you for the showdown with Masha Slamovich?

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