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New Knockouts tag team champions at Impact Emergence

Deonna Purrazzo without gold in Impact just doesn’t seem right. The Virtuosa remedied that situation with help from partner Chelsea Green to win the Impact World Knockouts Tag Team Championship at Emergence.

The VXT duo competed against champions Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie in the free pre-show. Jessicka (Havok) was ringside to assist Ragnarök. VXT used teamwork tactics to isolate Rosemary. Hot tag to Taya. The champions rallied for a pair of double German suplexes to VXT.

The match broke down to moves all around. Head kick from Purrazzo to Taya, spear from Rosemary to Purrazzo, and curb stomp from Green to Rosemary. Jessicka helped Taya on the floor. Green launched for a suicide dive colliding in Jessicka.

Taya regained control and tagged to Rosemary for a teamwork Road to Valhalla facebuster combo on Green. Purrazzo made the save on the cover.

Rosemary appeared to be plotting a trick. Jessicka hopped onto the apron as a distraction to the referee. Taya grabbed Green from behind. Rosemary spit GREEN MIST! Oops. Green moved and the mist went into Taya’s face. VXT capitalized. Enziguri from Green to Rosemary and a double suplex from VXT to Rosemary for the win. VXT are the new Knockouts tag champions.

Do you like the title switch to VXT?

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