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NJPW’s Rocky Romero pushes Impact X-Division champion to the limit in exciting match

“Speedball” Mike Bailey wants to be a fighting champion as holder of the X-Division title. He was given the chance to do just that against NJPW’s Rocky Romero on Impact Wrestling. Romero pushed Bailey to the limit in an exciting match.

Mat work to start with a stalemate. The action switched to lucha libre style for another stalemate. Round three was a striking affair. The fight spilled to the outside with both men landing shots as well as dodging high impact attacks. Romero went for a flying hurricanrana, but Bailey flipped to land on his feet. Bailey uncorked a spinning head kick inches away from connecting to Romero’s noggin. Reset for a breather.

Romero gained an advantage with slickness by ducking a high kick for Bailey’s bare foot to collide with the ring post. Romero then pounced for a leaping rana off the ring steps onto the floor.

Romero found success attacking the arm for an armbar and hitting a springboard tornado DDT. Bailey maintained his resolve to rally with rapid-fire kicks.

Romero clotheslined Bailey over the ropes and followed with a suicide dive. Bailey came back with a springboard moonsault to the outside. Back in the ring, Romero got the upper hand for a flying dropkick to Bailey hanging in the ropes.

Bailey exploded for a run of offense with a standing backflip double knee drop and a precision kick to the head. Neither move could keep Romero down for the count. Bailey went for a cyclone kick across the ring, but Romero blocked to counter for a tornado DDT. Romero added a suplex and an armbar. Bailey stacked on top to escape. Romero ducked a jumping kick to clobber Bailey on a shiranui. Bailey kicked out.

Romero kept on pressure for a Sliced Bread, but Bailey escaped. Romero baited Bailey into the Ultima Weapon. When Romero evaded, Bailey landed on his fight to eat a heavy clothesline. Romero continued with running clotheslines in the corner. Bailey gave chase to an unsuspecting Romero for a cyclone kick. Romero was down on the mat. Bailey seized the moment for the Ultima Weapon shooting star double knees to the spine for victory.

Great effort for an exciting outing from Bailey and Romero. That was the type of match one envisions when thinking of Impact’s X-Division. Bailey is building up his reputation in Impact with consistent high-quality matches that X-Division legends would be proud of.

Next up for Bailey is Jack Evans in a title fight at Emergence on Friday, August 12.

Where do you rank “Speedball” Mike Bailey on the scale compared to X-Division legends?

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