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Killer Kelly arrives in Impact planting seeds for feud with former Knockouts champion

Killer Kelly had on odd story told through vignettes prior to her return to Impact. Dirty motel rooms, peaking out a peephole, and wishing people would shut up left many scratching their head as to her wrestling character. When Kelly finally arrived in the Impact Zone, she may have started a new feud with a former Knockouts champion.

Tasha Steelz was featured on commentary for a showcase segment welcoming two OVW wrestlers to Impact. Tiffany Nieves competed against Jada Stone in an effort to impress the Boricua Badass. Nieves prevailed via DDT and grabbing the ropes on the pin to win. That craftiness piqued interest from Steelz.

Then, Killer Kelly blew up the scene with violence.

Nieves did not appreciate Kelly squeezing in on her time. Kelly smiled to the camera, Nieves shoved Kelly, and Kelly responded with a chickenwing choke. Kelly showed she was an equal opportunity ass kicker by attacking Stone for a double underhook slam. Steelz was not pleased.

That’s one way to make an impact. Kelly didn’t directly target Steelz, but you know Steelz won’t let this disrespect go unpunished. Good thing for Steelz that she has Savannah Evans by her side as muscle to dish out pain.

What’s your takeaway from Killer Kelly’s return to Impact? Are you in on a feud between Killer Kelly and Tasha Steelz?

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