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James Storm and Chris Harris find old magic in return at Impact Against All Odds

“Cowboy” James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris Harris turned back the hands of time to find their old magic at Against All Odds. The America’s Most Wanted duo participated in a ten-man tag against Honor No More at Impact’s special event to earn the victory in classic style.

Storm and Harris teamed with the Good Brothers and Heath. Honor No More made a substitution to their squad. Eddie Edwards put the blame on PCO for recent defeats, so he pulled the French-Canadian Frankenstein from the match. Vincent protested to blame Impact for driving a wedge into their group. Since Vincent vouched for PCO, Edwards decided to insert PCO into Vincent’s spot.

The official Honor No More squad for the match consisted of Edwards, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Kenny King, and PCO with Vincent and Maria Kanellis ringside.

Team Impact got off to a rocking start from the Good Brothers and Heath. Honor No More managed to isolate Heath until a hot tag to Storm. The Cowboy crushed then tagged in his partner. Harris entered for old-fashioned fun on America’s Most Wanted teamwork offense. Double back elbows led to Harris lifting Taven to take an elevated clothesline from Storm.

The match progressed with PCO helping his team take control and receiving no credit for it. Edwards continually bossed PCO around. When PCO had opportunities for a cannonball and a moonsault, Honor No More tagged him out before he could take flight.

Down the stretch, the match broke down into spinebusters all around. Harris was left standing and called for Storm to execute a tag team finisher. Taven nailed a springboard kick to prevent execution. A flurry of heavy moves cleared the ring. King had the advantage after a flying blockbuster. He told PCO to go for a moonsault. PCO’s wires must have crossed, because he went for a flipping cannonball instead onto the pile of bodies outside. Storm capitalized on the confusion for a superkick to King. America’s Most Wanted went to work with the Death Sentence flying leg drop from Harris for victory.

Three cheers for America’s Most Wanted doing their thing one more time. The match was booked smart to protect Harris. His moments were quick exchanges then back to the sidelines. It wasn’t all safe work from the big man. Harris gave the people what they wanted with the flying leg drop. If that is the end of the line for Harris, then he went out on top in a satisfying performance.

Were you satisfied with James Storm and Chris Harris finding their old magic as America’s Most Wanted?

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