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Brian Myers wins championship in Impact at Against All Odds

Brian Myers did it! He finally won a singles championship in Impact at Against All Odds. Matt Cardona would be proud of his buddy. Not just because of Myers’ success but also for winning Cardona’s pride and joy. Myers is the new Impact internet champion. Woo, woo, woo. You know it!

Myers challenged Rich Swann for the Impact Digital Media Championship in a Dot Combat Match on the free pre-show for Against All Odds. Rules of the fight dictated no DQ with weapons such as keyboards, computer wires, tripods, power strips, and a mouse.

Swann found his groove to pepper punches and kicks.

Swann set up a pile of plunder in the corner, but he turned around into a DDT from Myers. The Major Player sized up a Roster Cut lariat, however, Swann countered for a Death Valley Driver onto the technological instruments of pain. Myers showed fighting spirit to kick out on the cover.

Myers rallied with a spear then smashed Swann head first into a monitor.

That wasn’t enough to put Swann away. Swann came back with a handspring cutter on the entrance ramp. Swann aimed to go big by running down the ramp to leap over the ropes for a flying attack. Myers put the kibosh on those plans by whacking Swann in the head with a keyboard midair. Myers blasted Swann with the Roster Cut to win and become new champion of the worldwide internet.

Watch the full match on the Against All Odds pre-show.

Do you accept Brian Myers as your king of the internet?

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