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Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary travel to Undead Realm for cinematic scene in Impact

Taya Valkyrie is a woman of her word, and it took her into the cinematic Undead Realm during Impact Wrestling.

Taya returned to Impact reuniting with Rosemary to win the Knockouts World Tag Team Championship. In doing so, Taya also promised to help Rosemary find the missing Havok. The hoss hadn’t been seen since being destroyed by Masha Slamovich.

Last week, Rosemary decided it was time to travel to the Undead Realm in search of Havok. Taya demanded to join along, because that’s what friends do in the face of danger.

The time was here on Thursday night during Impact Wrestling for Taya and Rosemary to transport into the Undead Realm. Taya arrived late due to picking out a Pure Evil wardrobe to blend in with the other ghouls. Rosemary told Taya to follow directions in order to keep safe. The primary rule was not to go into the light. So, what does Taya do? She goes into the light. While Rosemary was chastising Taya, La Wera Loca lost focus and wandered toward the light like a moth to a flame.

It turned out that the light wasn’t so bad. Taya wanted to set up a mimosa bar. She also stumbled upon Havok. Once Rosemary noticed Taya went missing, she also went into the light. Rosemary approached Havok for the big cliffhanger. Havok introduced herself as Jessica... Dun, dun dun!

Watch the Undead Realm cinematic scene for yourself.

To speculate about the mystery of Jessica, that was Havok’s first name in another time. This twist reminds me of when Su Yung became the innocently cheerful Susie. Jessica had softer shades of makeup and pink hair, which was a change in look from Havok. She also smiled. The horror!

What’s your guess on where this story is leading?

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