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Killer Kelly’s Impact character still a mystery in second vignette

Killer Kelly made quite the impression in her first vignette for Impact. The declaration of finding comfort in the smell of dirty motel rooms was an odd introduction. Kelly’s second vignette aired during Impact Wrestling, and her character still remains a mystery.

The opening transitioned from a motel sign to a shower scene. Kelly talked about being in the right head space to study, plan, and prepare as she gussied up with cosmetics. When Kelly shows up in Impact, she’ll be ready. The closing scene showed her peaking out the door eye hole peeping on other motel guests.

I’m still at a loss for how this ties into wrestling, but I remain intrigued. Digging for hints, there was a folder titled, “I’ve been here before.” That could reference her brief past in Impact on the downside of defeat. Its sounds like Kelly is building a scouting portfolio of the competition.

There is also an edge that Impact might be embracing the Killer portion of Kelly’s name more on the literal side. The change in music with lyrics mentioning a spider web could be a hint. When Kelly stares out the peephole, the sound is creepy and ominous as if the unsuspecting guests could be her next victims.

What’s your take in Killer Kelly’s second vignette for Impact? Did you pick up some hints to influence any theories?

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