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Matt Cardona vacates Impact Digital Media Championship with a twist

Matt Cardona is always ready, until he’s not. Unfortunately, his superstar resurgence as the Deathmatch King and NWA world champ was put on hold due to a torn bicep. That injury means Cardona is unable to defend the Impact Digital Media Championship, so he vacated the title. Of course, there is a twist to the situation.

First off, Cardona isn’t actually the official titleholder of the Impact Digital Media Championship. Rich Swann beat him fair and square, however, Cardona used a cheap shot to leave with the belt in his hands. You know what they say about possession being nine-tenths of the law. For that reason, Cardona refused to recognize Swann’s victory.

The fact remains that Cardona is injured, so he vacated the title by handing it to his best friend, Brian Myers. Cardona crowned Myers as the new internet champ.

Myers will ‘defend’ the Impact Digital Media Championship against Swann at Slammiversary on June 19.

Are you satisfied with that twist from Matt Cardona?

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