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Video of Matt Cardona losing the Impact Digital Media Championship

News broke last weekend that Matt Cardona lost the Impact Digital Media Championship to Rich Swann at a PW Revolver event. That was the same day Cardona tore his bicep later in the evening. Cardona refused to acknowledge the title change. Details were fuzzy, but now the video is available for all to see.

Impact posted the match as a digital exclusive.

Cardona told the crowd that this wouldn’t be a work-rate match. He proceeded to enter the ring into a blitz of work-rate moves from Swann. Cardona retreated to the outside. A fan held him in place for Swann to run around the ring to deliver a big boot. Cardona rebounded with a side Russian leg sweep into the guardrail. Swann made it back into the ring at the count of 9.

Cardona pounded punches and choked Swann with his wrist tape to slow down the pace. Swann popped Cardona up over the ropes down to the floor. He followed for a cannonball off the apron. Swann unleashed striking fury. Cardona played possum by sandbagging on the mat then exploded for a Codebreaker. Swann kicked out on the cover.

Punches were exchanged in the center of the ring. Cardona got the upper hand for a leg lariat. Swann refused to lose. Cardona brought in the title belt as a foreign object, but he walked right into a high kick from Swann. When Swann picked up the gold, the referee snatched it away. That opened the window for Cardona to low blow Swann. After a kick-out on a roll-up, Cardona threatened the ref. He turned around into a kick. Swann was feeling the groove. He seized the moment for a handspring cutter and 450 splash. 1, 2, 3, new champ.

As Swann celebrated in the corner, Cardona displayed poor sportsmanship for another low blow. Cardona walloped Swann with the belt then high-tailed it from the scene with the championship in his possession. Swann has been the Impact Digital Media Champion for one week, and he’s only held the belt in his hands for a few seconds.

Despite the injury, Cardona vowed to be present at the NWA’s Alwayz Ready PPV on June 11, where he was scheduled to defend the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship against Nick Aldis. Swann will have to figure out a way to surprise Cardona in order to get his Impact title back.

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