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James Storm & Good Brothers found their mystery partners for Impact Against All Odds

James Storm enjoys beer as much as he enjoys kicking ass. For a man that held the TNA World Beer Drinking Championship twice, that’s a lot of ass. Storm is teaming with the Good Brothers to wrestle Honor No More in a ten-man tag at Against All Odds on Friday, July 1. One problem though. Storm was at a disadvantage with two partners short after the Briscoes were pulled from the bout. That created a mystery for who would step up and step in to assist in Storm’s ass-kicking escapades. During Thursday night’s Impact Wrestling, that mystery was solved.

The evening began with a bad idea from Storm. In his defense, it was his best bad idea. Storm and the Good Brothers tried to poach PCO to join their squad. Vincent stifled that notion by saying the only place for PCO was with Honor No More. Dig what he’s saying, man?

The Good Brothers had other business to attend to. Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows were booked to defend the Impact tag titles against Vincent and PCO during the broadcast. Anderson was in trouble after taking a flipping senton on the apron from PCO.

Anderson hit a spinebuster on Vincent to open the window for a hot tag to the Big LG. Gallows ran wild with offense. It was time for a Magic Killer, but PCO kicked Anderson to prevent the finisher. As the match progressed, Anderson dodged a swanton from Vincent to score a roll-up. Sweet Karl grabbed the tights for the 1, 2, 3. The Good Brothers retained tag team gold.

The full Honor No More crew and James Storm had been ringside. Immediately after the result, Honor No More stomped a mudhole in the heroes. “Wildcat” Chris Harris ran out to protect Storm. Matt Taven laughed at the has-been and told him to return to the retirement home. Honor No More surrounded Harris like hyenas. All of a sudden, music played to mark the return of Heath.

Heath was back from injury incurred at the hands of Honor No More. He marched to the ring with anger in his eyes. Heath pulled out a pair of metal pipes. He handed one to Harris, and the good ole boys cleaned house.

Taven was the last man standing from Honor No More. He tried to back away in peace, but he turned around into a superkick from Storm. Sorry about his damn luck.

Storm was not pleased with Harris for placing himself in a dangerous situation. Wildcat had promised his family not to get physical anymore for health reasons, and Storm wanted Harris to honor that pledge.

Backstage, Heath was fired up to be the fourth member of Storm’s team. Harris wanted in as the fifth, but Storm declined. Harris pled his case for being in the best condition mentally and physically that he’s ever been. What’s the point of rebuilding himself if not for this moment right now? Harris wanted to finish this fight. Storm saw the light and agreed. Harris was on the team.

The full match is official for Against All Odds. James Storm, “Wildcat” Chris Harris, Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows, and Heath will compete against Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Kenny King, and Vincent. The inclusion of Harris is the selling point to see him fight one last time with Storm by his side.

Do you like the picks of Heath and Chris Harris to round out the babyface team? Which angle do you have your eye on for the ten-man tag?

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