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Raven and Father James Mitchell surprise cameos on Impact

The 20 year celebration of Impact for Slammiversary may be over, but that hasn’t stopped familiar faces from stopping by the Impact Zone for surprise cameos. The latest on the list were Raven and Father James Mitchell.

The feud between Sami Callihan and Moose has escalated to the point that only a Clockwork Orange House of Fun match can settle it once and for all. That fight is scheduled to take place at Against All Odds on Friday, July 1. You may be wondering who created such a concept for the contest. Well, that would be Raven. He sent a message from a playground explaining his work of art.

Childhood is a time of joy for most children. The Clockwork Orange House of Fun match is Raven’s version of what childhood should be like. He finds the violence to be fun, fun, fun. Raven designed the match to be barbaric, cruel, and inhumane. Pain, anguish, and blood are part of the fun. Sami and Moose will have lots of fun. One of them getting hurt would make Raven really happy.

Raven will be in attendance for Against All Odds to observe all the joy that the Clockwork Orange House of Fun will bring.

Father James Mitchell was in the middle of a different kind of fun. Rosemary lost a singles bout to Gisele Shaw earlier in the evening. Even with Taya Valkyrie in tow, Rosemary was still outnumbered against Shaw, Tenille Dashwood, and Madison Rayne. Havok would have been helpful to even the odds, but she has been missing for weeks.

Rosemary dug into her tiny bag of tricks to summon Mitchell, who happened to be busy enticing a jezebel and a siren into a ménage à trois. Rosemary requested information on the whereabouts of Havok. Mitchell promised to pass the message that Rosemary needs all hands on deck to deal with the Influence.

Raven and Father James Mitchell were a fun pair of cameos. It’s always nice to see faces from the past, especially those two who maintained their creepy vibe in character.

Did you enjoy the surprise appearances from Raven and Father James Mitchell in Impact?

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