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James Storm’s return to Impact leads to drama and injury angle for big match at Against All Odds

Sorry about your damn luck.

James Storm pretty much sent that message in making new enemies to set up a 10-man tag for Against All Odds on July 1. The story is more complex than a simple match announcement. It played out over several segments during Impact Wrestling to produce intrigue over an injury angle.

The group of ROH hooligans known as Honor No More took over the Impact Zone to start the television broadcast. Eddie Edwards was tired of the never-ending TNA celebration from Slammiversary. As far as he was concerned the Impact Originals did not beat Honor No More. Matt Taven pointed out interference from Traci Brooks, D’Lo Brown, and backup referee Earl Hebner. Plus, Scott D’Amore watched the whole thing unfold with a smile on his face, as if it was planned that way from the start.

James Storm heard enough squawking. He was joined by America’s Most Wanted teammate “Wildcat” Chris Harris to interrupt Honor No More.

Storm pointed out the issue with Honor No More. Instead of learning from the loss to come back better, the real problem is that they suck. Kenny King shot back with insults for the drunken cowboy and pussycat. Harris threatened that any more mouthing off and he will make King cry harder than he did as a Bachelorette contestant.

America’s Most Wanted reminded Honor No More that they made new friends at Slammiversary. Enter the Good Brothers. Storm, Karl Anderson, and Doc Gallows rushed the ring for a fight. Harris had to stay on the outside due to a promise he made to his family. The numbers game overwhelmed the heroes, then the Briscoes ran out to help clear the ring with Storm and company.

That was a fun piece of action to relive the glory days of James Storm and Chris Harris, but the saga was far from over on this evening.

Honor No More bumped into D’Amore backstage. He offered them two opportunities on the spot. First was a ten-man tag for Against All Odds with Honor No More against Storm, the Good Brothers, and the Briscoes. Second was the TV main event for Edwards, Taven, and Mike Bennett against Storm and the Briscoes.

In preparation for the TV main event, Mark Briscoe channeled Cornholio. The Good Brothers confirmed they are on the same page to have their teammates’ backs. Storm pulled Harris aside to further expound on Wildcat’s reasons for not engaging in combat. Storm reminded Harris of the promise to his family to not fight anymore for health reasons. Harris promised not to get physically involved. Wildcat turned into a sad cat at being left out.

Match time! Storm was on fire to clean house early. He ejected Honor No More from the ring. Jay Briscoe launched for a tope con hilo. Mark Briscoe took flight for a twisting moonsault onto the pile below.

As the match progressed to the finish, Honor No More was able to isolate Mark for the Proton Pack teamwork finisher from OGK to win.

Honor No More continued the assault in full force after the bell. The Good Brothers ran out, but the numbers were still in favor of Honor No More. The show closed with Honor No More using chairs to maim Mark’s leg. Taven told the Briscoe brother that it was a mistake not to join them.

It appears that the Impact squad will be one man short for the ten-man tag against Honor No More at Against All Odds. They way those chairs were used was consistent with the story injuries Honor No More executed on Rhino and Heath. That means Mark is likely to miss the big match. As all this drama played out over the course of the program, signs point to Harris stepping up to the plate. The question remains if Harris will break his promise and if he can even be medically cleared to compete.

Did you enjoy the return of James Storm to an Impact ring? Do you think “Wildcat” Chris Harris will join the action?

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